WMU Joins Professor in Battle with Leukemia

Anthony Ellis and Sarah Warner

Like many educators at Western Michigan University, English associate professor, Anthony Ellis has left an imprint in the lives of his students that extends beyond their time with him in the classroom. It was particularly evident when Ellis was diagnosed with Leukemia. WMU faculty, staff, and alumni were touched by Ellis' courageous battle. He is in his third year of treatment, which has included multiple new drugs, chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, despite these efforts and Ellis' optimism, he has not experienced full remission. 

Upon hearing that Ellis' bone marrow transplant failed and he would be hospitalized, WMU alumna Sarah Warner wanted to do more for him than provide her emotional encouragement and support. Warner decided to join the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life and start a team in honor of Ellis. Tony's Tigers, the team started by Warner, will participate in the Relay for Life of Berrien County Fairgrounds on June 22-23, in order to support Ellis in his fight. For more information about the team sponsored to help Ellis, please visit Tony's Tigers.