In preparation for your graduation from the College of Arts and Sciences at Western Michigan University:

  • Complete your pre-audit for graduation approximately one year prior to your anticipated graduation date or when you have completed 88 credit hours.  Applying this early is important to be able to plan remaining requirements with less chance of delaying your degree completion. During the pre-audit the advisor will identify the courses you need to complete to be eligible for graduation. If everything is in order, the advisor will ask you to submit an application to the Office of the Registrar for an official audit.
  • Review the University graduation requirements for audit tips and the graduation requirements video.  If you have any questions about your requirements, do not wait for the pre-audit; contact a College of Arts and Sciences advisor to seek clarification as soon as possible.
  • Check your graduation progress using these sample audit sheets and video:
  • Visit you major and minor departmental advisors. They will need to either verify your major/minor work in Degree Works (catalog years 2010 - present) or provide you with signed paper major/minor slips (catalog years 2009 or earlier).
  • Meet with your liberal education curriculum advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate advising office to process the pre-audit. If you catalog year is 2009 or earlier, you must bring your paper major-minor slips with you to this meeting.  The advisor will review your liberal education curriculum and graduation requirements.
  • A graduation auditor from the Office of the Registrar will examine your academic record and provide you with your official audit outlining things you need to complete before graduation.