Signing up for classes

New students

New students will sign up for CELCIS classes during the International Student Orientation and Registration Program.

Returning students

Returning student registration is scheduled mid-way through the current semester for the upcoming semester. CELCIS staff members will visit Grammar/Communication classes. Any student that is absent during the scheduled registration date will need to schedule an appointment with the CELCIS office (celcis-info@wmich.edu). Students that do not have a Grammar/Communication class will be notified to schedule an appointment with the CELCIS office. To register, students will need to bring a completed registration form, a copy of their I-20 or DS-2019, passport, visa, and I-94. Please note students will not be allowed to register for classes until their holds have been cleared. CELCIS staff members will check student holds at the time of registration. Students will not be registered for classes until their holds have been cleared. 

Part-time enrolled students

Students who wish to study in the Western Michigan University CELCIS program on an F-2 visa (dependent) are permitted to study as a part-time enrolled student. This means that an F-2 student is only permitted to take up to three class hours per day. Four class hours is considered full-time enrollment. A student who begins CELCIS as a part-time enrolled student, returns to his/her home country to apply for an F-1 visa, and resumes his/her studies on an F-1 visa (student), will be required to take the placement test the next semester before starting classes.