Learning Resources

Welcome to the learning resource page! Here students will find helpful activities and resources to refresh, aid, and extend students' classroom instruction. Note: Sites listed here may not be directly associated with CELCIS or Western Michigan University.

  • Fun and games
    From easy to advanced, students can learn and practice by playing games, solving puzzles and other fun activities.
  • Grammar
    Activities and resources to learn and practice grammar.
  • Listening and speaking
    Practice listening, speaking, and pronunciation using podcasts, videos, and other activities.
  • Reading and writing
    Activities and resources to develop reading and writing skills.
  • Vocabulary
    Resources to help students develop vocabulary, practice idioms, and improve spelling.
  • WMU library resources
    With more than 4.5 million items and 62,000 subscriptions, the University Libraries is a great way to begin your research.
  • Instructor evaluation glossary
    A glossary (key) to assist students in completing instructor evaluations.