To be successful in the Western Michigan University CELCIS program, it is important that students understand the policies and expectations of the program. CELCIS policies are outlined below and in the CELCIS student handbook. If a student is not sure about the meaning of these rules, he or she should ask a CELCIS instructor or staff member for more information.

Academic honesty—Academic honesty standards used in CELCIS and at Western Michigan University.

Admission to WMU—English qualifications for admission to WMU, dual enrollment.

Attendance—CELCIS attendance requirements, leave requests, participation policy, and course withdrawal procedures

Basic Rules—Rules of behavior and conduct at CELCIS

Enrollment—Signing up for classes and dual enrollment.

Grading—How CELCIS grades are determined, honor roll requirements.

Placement—Placement and level change

Probation—Probation and dismissal from program.

Promotion—Grade requirements to advance levels.

Solving problems—Procedure for addressing your concerns (class, grade, level, program, personal, etc.).