Admission to WMU

Photo of CELCIS student looking at a textbookAdmission to the Center for English Language and Culture for International Students (CELCIS) does not mean that a student is also admitted to Western Michigan University. All prospective students who wish to apply to WMU must do so through the International Admissions and Services office (IAS). Their office is located on the 3rd floor of Faunce Student Services.

If you plan to enter Western Michigan University after CELCIS, you must have a 2.5 (on a 4 point scale) average on past academic work for an undergraduate admission or a 3.0 (on a 4 point scale) average on past academic work for a graduate admission. 

Requirements to apply to WMU

Advanced-level students:

  • You must pass all advanced-level classes (Speaking/Listening, Grammar/Communication, Reading/Writing 1, and Reading/Writing 2) with a final grade of C/75 or better for an automatic recommendation to WMU.  
  • Students MUST receive a passing grade on BOTH Reading/Writing 1 and Reading/Writing 2. A combined grade will not be given.* 
  • You do not need to take the TOEFL test unless you are applying to a graduate program which requires a TOEFL score of more than 500 (173 CBT, 61 iBT). You will be required to take A-S 3600 or A-S 3610 your first semester/session.**
  • To apply, submit an application to the International Admissions and Services office. Applications are available in the CELCIS office.

Students in all other levels:

  • If you are enrolled in any other level of CELCIS, you must take the TOEFL test***, or another accepted English test, to qualify your English for admission to WMU. A minimum TOEFL test score of 500 (173 CBT, 61 iBT) is required for a restricted admisison. This means you must take A-S 3600 or A-S 3610 your first semester/session. 
  • For an unrestricted admission, you need a TOEFL test score of 550 (213 CBT, 80 iBT) or higher. In this case you would not need to take either A-S 3600 or A-S 3610. (NOTE: Some graduate programs require a higher TOEFL test score even for restricted admission. Anthropology, Communication, Sociology, and Special Education require a 550 TOEFL; Music Education, Music Therapy and Speech Pathology require a 575 TOEFL; Creative Writing and English require a 575 TOEFL plus a 4 TWE.)
  • All students admitted to WMU with no TOEFL test score or with a TOEFL test score of less than 550 (213 CBT, 80 iBT) will be required to take A-S 3600 or A-S 3610 during their first semester/session.
*In the summer semester, advanced-level students must pass both summer I and summer II classes to be admitted to the University. 
**A-S 3600 is a five-credit hour reading/writing focused course; A-S 3610 is a five-credit hour speaking/listening-focused course. 
***Students wishing to take the internet-based TOEFL (iBT) exam must apply online