Diversity and Inclusion

The Center for English Language and Culture for International Students is committed to diversity in providing instruction in English as a second language for students from all backgrounds. The CELCIS staff are here to help you get started. Take the first step by reviewing the following information and contact us if you have questions.

Students with disabilities

The United States is one of the most accessible countries in the world for people with disabilities; do not let a disability discourage you from pursuing your education goals. CELCIS staff can help you to identify available resources on campus. No qualified person shall, by reason of disability, be denied access to, participation in, or the benefits of any program or activity operated by Western Michigan University. 


LGBT students

In addition to the numerous benefits of studying abroad, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) students can gain a broader understanding of LGBT issues by experiencing how sexuality and identities are expressed in the United States via these campus websites and resources:

  • Safe On Campus Training Programa 3-hour training available each semester to all faculty, students and staff.  Learn to be a better advocate and ally to lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender people. Participants receive information on practical strategies for addressing homophobia, learning ways to support students who are “coming out,” and to gain an understanding of respectful language use. 
  • SpeakOUT! Panel ProgramSpeakOUT! is a panel discussion program designed to increase awareness about the diversity of different sexual orientations and gender identities through peer contact and conversation with audience members. Panelists are lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, asexual, genderqueer, and straight ally volunteers, who share their coming out stories and lived experiences.

Ethnic diversity

No matter your background, studying in another country and experiencing a new culture will expand your worldview, strengthen your academic skills, and make you a stronger candidate when applying to university programs and jobs. WMU's Division of Multicultural Affairs serves as an information resource on the role and value of diversity in education for the WMU and the greater Kalamazoo communities.