Proficiency 1: College-Level Writing

ENGL 1050 Thought and Writing 4
IME 1020 Technical Communication 3

Proficiency 2: Baccalaureate-Level Writing

This proficiency does not count towards the 37 credit General Education requirement. See your major advisor.

Proficiency 3: College-Level Mathematics or Quantitative Reasoning

Note: Placement in Math 1220 fulfills Proficiency 3

See a curriculum advisor for appropriate course selection.

MATH 1140 Excursions in Mathematics 3
MATH 1160 Finite Mathematics with Applications 3
MATH 1180 Pre-calculus Mathematics 4
MATH 1500 Number Concepts for Elem/Mid School Teacher 4
MATH 1900 Survey of Mathematical Ideas 4
MATH 2000 Calculus with Applications 4
STAT 1600 Statistics and Data Analysis 3
STAT 2830 Methods of Data Analysis 3
STAT 3660 Introduction to Statistics 4

Proficiency 4c: Critical Thinking

COM 1000 Communication and Community Engagement 3
ENGL 3060 Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture 3
NUR 2200 Foundations of Nursing and Critical Thinking 3
PHIL 2200 Critical Reasoning 3
PHIL 2250 Deductive Logic 3
PHIL 3200 Introduction to Formal Logic 4
PHIL 3250 Inductive and Scientific Reasoning 3
PSCI 1050 Critical Thinking about Politics 3

Proficiency 4g: Foreign Language

This requirement may be met by one of the following:

  • Attaining an appropriate score in a proctored foreign language placement examination placing into the 2000 level or above
  • Documentation of completion of at least two years of any one foreign language in high school, provided that the grade for the last semester of the second year is a "B-" or better
  • Completing two semesters of college level study in any one foreign language with a passing grade (1000, 1010, or American Sign Language I and II)