Assessment committee

Wilson Warren, history
Yirong Mo, chemistry
Philip J Egan, English
Carlos Pimentel, world languages and literatures
Charles Crawford, sociology
Laura Hastings, global and international studies
Vincent Lyon-Callo, anthropology
David J Paul, philosophy
Don Kane, biological sciences
Carson Reeling, economics

College curriculum

Curriculum committee changes and proposals

Meg Dupuis, English, committee chair
James Cousins, ex-officio member, College of Arts and Sciences dean's office
Kevin Knutson, ex-officio member, College of Arts and Sciences advising
Yogesh Suryawanshi, biological sciences
Andrew Holzman, graduate student, Spanish
Kristina Wirtz, Spanish
Matthew Higgins, economics
Diane Riggs, comparative religion
John Petrovic, mathematics
Daniela Schroeter, public affairs and administration
Emanuel Kamber, physics
Linda Borish, history 

Diversity and inclusion

Committee objectives and resources

Peter Blickle, world languages and literatures
Jacquelyn Bizzell, student advising
Sharon Gill, biological sciences
Chien-Juh Gu, sociology
Danielle Joseph, College of Arts and Sciences budget and personnel
Mariola Pérez de la Cruz, Spanish
Mitch Kachun, history 
Sherine Obare, chemistry 
Staci Perryman-Clark, English
David Paul, philosophy
Linwood Cousins, Africana Studies

gateways to completion

Sherine Obare, liaison, College of Arts and Sciences dean's office
Katie Easley, liaison, Student Success Services
Amy Petillon, liaison assistant, Student Success Services
Madelyn Aittama, undergraduate student, biological sciences
Manuel Bautista, physics
Steven Bertman, chemistry
Zbigniew Chajecki, physics
Doug Coulter, biological sciences
Steve Culver, mathematics
Carrie Cumming, office of the registrar
Lauren Eagle, undergraduate student, psychology
Kirsty Eisenhart, mathematics
Michael Famiano, physics
Jan Gabel-Goes, office of faculty development
Brianna Galli, chemistry
Ramakrishna Guda, chemistry
Adrian Gutierrez, undergraduate student, biological sciences
James Guzinski, chemistry
Jaafar Hachem, graduate student, chemistry
Charles Henderson, physics
Megan Ireland, graduate student, psychology
Doug Johnson, psychology
Melinda Koelling, mathematics
Maryam Kok, undergraduate student, chemistry
Rebecca Kolb, graduate student, psychology
Kirk Korista, physics
David Laing, mathematics
Taylor Longacre, undergraduate student, psychology
Thayma Lutz, mathematics
Gellert Mezei, chemistry
Michael Miazga, undergraduate student, chemistry
John Miller, chemistry
Tabitha Mingus, mathematics
McKaela O'Brien, graduate student, psychology
Lisa Paulius, physics
Staci Perryman-Clark, office of faculty development
William Rantz, chemistry
David Reinhold, office of university assessment and undergraduate studies
Brandon Ring, psychology
David Rudge, biological sciences
NaTasha Schiller, graduate student, biological sciences
Donald Screiber, chemistry
Ekk Sinn, chemistry
John Spitsbergen, biological sciences
Robert Sutton, chemistry
Otho Ulrich, undergraduate student, physics
Steve Ziebarth, mathematics

Interdisciplinary education

Interdisciplinary programs, groups and centers

Peter Blickle, world languages and literatures
Sandra Borden, communication
William Cobern, Mallinson Institute for Science Education
Susan Freeman, gender and women’s studies
David Karow, biological sciences
Steven Kohler, environmental sciences
Ronald Kramer, sociology
Heather Petcovic, geosciences
Allen Webb, English
Sherine Obare, chemistry

International committee

Jim Butterfield, political science
Steve Covell, comparative religion
Kerrie Harvey, arts and sciences undergraduate advising
Laura Hastings, global and international studies
Olivia Gabor-Peirce, world languages and literatures
Stephen Malcolm, biological sciences
Ann Miles, sociology
Michael Millar, Spanish
Sherine Obare, chemistry
James Palmitessa, history
Susan Pozo, economics
Bilinda Straight, anthropology
Mercedes Tasende, Spanish
Gregory Veeck, geography

Global engagement resources

Research, scholarly and creative activities 

Sherine Obare, ex-officio member, arts and sciences
Steven Bertman, chemistry
Marion Gray, history
Whitney DeCamp, sociology 
Charles Henderson, physics
Jean Kimmel, economics
Cindy Linn, biological sciences
Jennifer Machiorlatti, communication
Vivan Steemers, world languages and literatures
Rajib Paul, statistics
Steve Ziebarth, mathematics

Secondary Education Planning Taskforce

Committee description

Manuel Bautista, physics
Amy Bentz, teaching, learning and educational studies
Diana Blouin, biological sciences
Michael Braun, Spanish
Ben Carr, College of Arts and Sciences Student Success Services
Laura Ciccantell, College of Education and Human Development advising
John Clark, political science
James Cousins, ex officio member, College of Arts and Sciences dean’s office
Katie Easley, College of Arts and Sciences Student Success Services
Philip Egan, English
Marcia Fetters, College of Education and Human Development dean's office
Lauren Freedman, special education and literacy studies
Allison Hart-Young, teaching, learning and educational studies
Jane-Jane Lo, mathematics
Heather Petcovic, geosciences
Viviane Ruellot, World Languages and Literature
Donald Schreiber, chemistry
Joseph Stoltman, geography
Sarah Summy, special education and literacy studies
Laura Van Zoest, mathematics
Karen Vocke, English
Wilson Warren, history
Allen Webb, English

Strategic Planning

Scope and committee

Teaching, learning and assessment

Committee information

James Cousins, history
Steve Covell, comparative religion
Lisa DeChano, geography
Sarah Hill, anthropology
Kathy Propp, communications
Rika Saito, world languages and literatures
John Spitsbergen, biological sciences