College Curriculum Committee

 Meeting dates

2015 - Sept 18, Oct 16, Nov 20
2016 - Jan 15, Feb 19, Mar 18, Apr 15, May 20, June 17

College of Arts and Sciences International Room
2302 Friedmann Hall
2 to 4 p.m.

Proposals must be submitted two weeks prior to meeting dates.

Current Proposals

Submitting curriculum changes

  1. Open the New Curriculum Change Form.
  2. Check the Curriculum Change Guide to review submission guidelines.
    Note: Some common questions may be answered in the Curriculum Change Quick Guide.
  3. Review the appropriate proficiency criteria if necessary: Area 1Area 2Area 3Area 4Area 5Area 6Area 7Area 8, Baccalaureate Level WritingCritical ThinkingOral Communication
  4. Complete the curriculum change form according to guidelines and proficiency criteria.
    Note: Committee requires that all new courses be accompanied by a course syllabus.
  5. Prior to signing approved proposals, chairs and directors should ensure the form has been completed correctly.
  6. Submit a hard copy of each signed proposal—paper-clipped, not stapled—to the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office in 2304 Friedmann Hall, Mail Stop 5308.
    Note: Be prepared to submit an electronic copy of the proposal upon request.


CAS Proposal Status Report (post-committee approval)
Curriculum Change Guide
Curriculum Change Quick Guide
General Education Policy
New Curriculum Change Form

Proposals by meeting 

 June 19 | AgendaMinutes

CAS15-124 (AP) Other - Name Change
CAS15-125 (AP) Other - Program Requirement
CAS15-126 (AP) Other - Program Requirement
CAS15-127 (AP) Other - Program Requirement
CAS15-128 (AP) Graduation Requirements - PhD in Mathematics Education
CAS15-129 (SC) Pre or Co-requisites - MATH 5511 - Computing Technology in Middle School Mathematics
CAS15-130 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - MATH 3520 - Teaching Elementary School Mathematics
CAS15-131 (SC) New Course - The European Witch-Hunt (WI)
CAS15-132 (MC) Title - HIST 3768 - Modern China
CAS15-133 (SC) New Course - HIST 4490 - Topics in Early European History and Culture (BW)
CAS15-134 (SC) New Course - HIST 4491 - Topics in Modern European History and Culture (BW)
CAS15-135 (MC) Description - STAT 2160, 3640, 3660
CAS15-136 (MC) Description - STAT 2830
CAS15-137 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - BIOS 2700 - Everyday Biology:  Cells
CAS15-138 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - CHEM 2800 - Active Chemistry
CAS15-139 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - GEOS 2900 - Earth Systems:  Issues and Applications
CAS15-140 (SC) New Course - PSY 1401 - Introductory Operant Conditioning Laboratory
CAS15-141 (SC, MC) Course #, Different Level; Title - PSY 3561 - Early Childhood Developmental Delays:  Preliminary Practicum
CAS15-142 (SC, MC) Credit Hours, Other, Title, Description - PSY 3600 - Concepts and Principles of Behavior Analysis
CAS15-143 (MC) Title, Description - PSY 3720, Physiological Psychology
CAS15-144 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 4240 - The Psychology of Human Sexuality
CAS15-145 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 5260 - Human Drug Use/Abuse
CAS15-146 (SC) Pre or Co-requisites, Enrollment Restriction - PSY 5490 - Instructional Design
CAS15-147 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 5740 - Cross Cultural Psychology
CAS15-148 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 5990 - Practicum-Psychology
CAS15-149 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 6470 - I/O Psychology
CAS15-150 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 6580 - Cognitive Processes
CAS15-151 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 6640 - Behavior Therapy
CAS15-152 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 6690 - Child Behavior Therapy
CAS15-153 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 6810 - Assessment I
CAS15-154 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 6920 - Grant Writing Behav Sciences
CAS15-155 (AP) Revised Major - Psychology:  General Psychology Major (PSGJ)
CAS15-156 (SC) New Course - PSY 3517 - Education Psychology
CAS15-157 (SC, MC) Course #, Different level, Course-level Restriction, Title - PSY 3570 - Early Childhood Developmental Delays
CAS15-158 (SC) New Course - PSY 3601 - Advanced Operant Conditioning Laboratory
CAS15-159 (MC) Title - PSY 3780 - Laboratory in Physiological Psychology
CAS15-160 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 5170 - Psychology in the Schools
CAS15-161 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 5400 - Psychology of Safety
CAS15-162 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 5610 - Intro to Clinical Psychology
CAS15-163 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 5950 - History of Psychology
CAS15-164 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 6450 - Psychology of Work
CAS15-165 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 6510 - Behavioral Systems Analysis
CAS15-166 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 6610 - Psychotherapy
CAS15-167 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 6680 - Developmental Disabilities
CAS15-168 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 6750 - Behav Approaches to Language
CAS15-169 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 6830 - Assessment I
CAS15-170 (AP) Revised Major - Psychology:  Behavioral Science Major (PSBJ)
CAS15-171 (AP) Graduation Requirements - PhD in Industrial/Organizational Behavior Managements (Banner code:  PYID)
CAS15-172 (SC) Enrollment Restriction - PSY 5240 - Human Sexuality

 May 12 | Agenda |  Minutes

CAS15-121 (AP) Graduation requirements
CAS15-122 (SCC) Enrollment restriction - Number Systems and Proportional Reasoning for Middle Grade Teachers - MATH 5531
CAS15-123 (SCC) Enrollment restriction - Functions and Modeling for Middle Grade Teachers - MATH 5540

 April 17 | Agenda |  Minutes

CAS15-105 (AP) New Curriculum, Other - Accelerated MA Program in Geosciences
CAS15-106 (SC) New Course - Brewing History & Introduction, A-S 3410
CAS15-107 (SC) New Course - Materials, Malting & Mashing, A-S 3430
CAS15-108 (SC) New Course - Recipe, Process & Technology, A-S 3440
CAS15-109 (SC) New Course - Yeast Fermentation & Microbiology, A-S 3450
CAS15-110 (SC) New Course - Styles, Sensory & food Pairing, A-S 3460
CAS15-111 (SC) New Course - Fermentation and Finishing Technology, A-S 3470
CAS15-112 (SC) New Course - Brewing Practicum I, A-S 3480
CAS15-113 (SC) New Course - Brewing Practicum II, A-S 3482
CAS15-114 (SC) New Course - Packaging and Distribution, A-S 3485
CAS15-115 (SC) New Course - Brewing Quality Control, A-S 3490
CAS15-116 (SC) New Course - Brewing Externship, A-S 3495
CAS15-117 (SC) New Course - Sustainable Brewing Capstone, A-S 3499
CAS15-118 (AP) Revised Major - Bachelor of Sciences in Sustainable Brewing
CAS15-119 (SC) New Course, General Education - Hispanic Literature in English Translation
CAS15-120 (SC) New Course, General Education - Contemporary Latin America, SPAN 3390

Mar. 20 | Agenda Minutes

CAS15-96 (AP) Other - Establish new prefix - GIST
CAS15-97 (SC, MC) Prefix, COGE reapproval - Introduction to Global and International Studies - INTL 2000
CAS15-98 (SC) Pre or Co-requisites, Prefix - Topics in global Studies - INTL 3500
CAS15-99 (SC) Prefix - Directed Research and Field Projects - INTL 4980
CAS15-100 (SC) Pre or Co-requisites, Prefix - Senior Capstone Seminar in Global and International Studies - INTL 4900
CAS15-101 (SC) Prefix - Topics in Global and International Studies - INTL 5000
CAS15-102 (AP) Revised major - Global and International Studies Major
CAS15-103 (AP) Revised minor - Global and International Studies Minor
CAS15-104 (SC) Credit hours - Genetics - BIOS 2500

 Nov. 21 | AgendaMinutes

CAS15-89 (AP) Revised major, revised minor – History: Liberal Education Curriculum (LEC) major and minor
CAS15-90 (AP) Revised minor – History: Liberal Education Curriculum (LEC) minor
CAS15-91 (MC) Title – Introduction to the Study of History
CAS15-92 (SC) Pre or Co-requisites – Pre-Psychology major (PRPY), Behavioral Science major (PSBJ), General Psychology major (PSGJ), Psychology major (PSYJ), Psychology minor (PSYN)
CAS15-93 (SC) Pre or Co-requisites – Pre-Psychology major (PRPY), Behavioral Science major (PSBJ), General Psychology major (PSGJ), Psychology major (PSGH), Psychology major (PSYJ) and Psychology minor (PSYN)
CAS15-94 (AP) Other – Eliminate application process for Public Relations, Film, Video & Media, and Telecommunications & Information Management majors
CAS15-95 (SC) Pre or Co-requisites – Pre-Psychology major (PRPY), Behavioral Science major (PSBJ), General Psychology Major (PSGJ), and Psychology major (PSYJ)

 Oct. 17 | Agenda | Minutes

CAS15-32 (AP, SC, MC) Admission requirements, Credit Hours, Title, Description – GEOS 2020
CAS15-34 (AP) Revised Minor – Arabic Minor; Education Curriculum
CAS15-35 (AP) Revised Minor – Chinese Minor; Education Curriculum
CAS15-36 (AP) Revised Minor – Japanese Minor; Education Curriculum
CAS15-37 (SC) General Education – COM 2400 – Introduction to Media and Telecommunication
CAS15-38 (AP) Revised major – Communication Studies
CAS15-39 (AP) Revised major – Organizational Communication
CAS15-40 (SC) Pre/Co-requisites, course number – Telecommunications Law and Policy
CAS15-41 (SC, MC) Pre/Co-requisites, course number, title – Digital Media and Information Technology
CAS15-42 (AP) Revised major – Telecommunications and Information Management
CAS15-43 (AP) Revised minor – Journalism
CAS15-44 (SC) New course, general education – Climate Challenged Society – ENVS 1000
CAS15-45 (SC) New course – Climate change and the Literary Arts – ENVS 3300
CAS15-46 (SC) New course – Race, Climate, and the Environment – ENVS 3700
CAS15-47 (SC) New course – Climate Change and Society – ENVS 4110
CAS15-48 (SC) New course – Climate Change and Cultural Studies – ENVS 4120
CAS15-29 (SC) New course – Seminar in Biology - BIOS 6055 – (tabled from September meeting)
CAS15-83 (AP) Revised major – Biomedical Sciences Major (BMLJ) (37 hours)
CAS15-84 (SC) New course – BIOS Colloquium:  Molecular Biology – BIOS 6050
CAS15-57 (SC) New course – Climate Change Biology – BIOS 3200
CAS15-58 (SC) Pre/Co-requisites – BIOS 3120
CAS15-59 (SC) New course – Fermentation – 5230
CAS15-66 (AP) New minor – Climate Change Studies
CAS15-67 (SC) New course – Climate Change Studies Capstone
CAS15-87 (AP) Other – Establishing credit hour minima to be completed at WMU for all CAS majors and minors
CAS15-73 (SC) New course – Climate Change and Geography – GEOG 4300
CAS15-49 (AP) Other – Implement an existing program
CAS15-50 (SC) New course, General education – Cross Cultural Psychology – PSY 4574
CAS15-51 (SC, MC) General education, Description – Professional and Career Development – PSY 3844
CAS15-52 (SC, MC) General education, Description – Laboratory in Physiological Psychology – PSY 3780
CAS15-53 (SC) New course, General education – History of Psychology – PSY 4595
CAS15-54 (SC) New course, General education – Human Drug Use and Abuse – PSY 4526
CAS15-55 (AP) Revised major – General Psychology major (PSGJ)
CAS15-56 (AP) Revised major – Behavioral Science major (PSBJ)
CAS15-60 (SC) General education – Bioarchaeology – ANTH 3530
CAS15-61 (AP) Graduation requirements – Chemistry
CAS15-86 (MC) Title, description – Chemistry – CHEM 1900
CAS15-62 (SC, MC) General education, description – Writing in the Secondary School – ENGL 4790
CAS15-63 (SC) New course – Introduction to English Education – ENGL 2790
CAS15-64 (AP) Revised major – English major:  Secondary Education Curriculum
CAS15-65 (AP) Revised minor – English minor:  Secondary Education Curriculum
CAS15-68 (AP) New minor – Legal Studies
CAS15-69 (SC) New course – Topics in Legal Studies – A-S 5100
CAS15-71 (AP) New major – Sustainable Craft Brewing
CAS15-72 (SC) New course – Sustainable Craft Brewing – A-S 3500
CAS15-74 (SC) Pre/Co-requisites, title and description – GEOG 4600
CAS15-75 (AP) Revised minor – Social Studies major Geography minor
CAS15-76 (AP) Revised minor – Teaching of Geography:  Secondary Education minor
CAS15-77 (AP) Revised major – Teaching of Geography:  Secondary Education major
CAS15-78 (SC) New course – Climatology – GEOG 6250
CAS15-79 (SC) New course – Disaster Management – GEOG 6260
CAS15-80 (AP) Revised major – Master of Science in Geography
CAS15-81 (SC) Course number – Climate Change and Geography – GEOG 6300
CAS15-82 (SC) New course – Seminar in Biogeography – GEOG 6240
CAS15-85 (SC, MC) General education, title – GWS 3500
CAS15-33 (SC) New course, General education – Superhero Comic Book Religion – REL 3111
CAS15-88 (AP) New degree, Master of Arts in Spirituality, Culture, and Health
CAS15-70 Other - Accelerated Degree Program with WMU Thomas Cooley Law School

Sept. 19 | Agenda |  Minutes

CAS14-136 (SC) New course – PADM 3200 – Nonprofit Leadership Student Association II
CAS14-137 (SC) Pre/Co-requisites – PADM 3100 – Nonprofit Leadership Student Association I
CAS14-138a (AP) Revised minor – Nonprofit Leadership Minor  - No Certification
CAS14-138b (AP) New minor - Nonprofit Leadership Minor w/Certification
CAS14-139 (MC) Title – REL 3015 - Christianity in America  Religion in America
CAS15-1 (SC) Pre/Co-requisites, Title, Description – SCI 5600 – Science for School Science Education
CAS15-2 (SC) Pre/Co-requisites, Title, Description – SCI 5700 – Biology for School Science
CAS15-3 (SC) Pre/Co-requisites, Title, Description – SCI 5800 – Chemistry for School Teachers
CAS15-4 (SC) Pre/Co-requisites, Title, Description – SCI 5850 – Physics for School Science Teachers
CAS15-5 (SC) Pre/Co-requisites, Title, Description – SCI 5900 – Earth Sciences for School Science Education
CAS15-6 (SC) Pre/Co-requisites, Title, Description – SCI 5980 – Readings in Science: Remove the pre-requisite and replace it with no pre-requisite.
CAS15-7 (SC) Credit hours – SCI 6200 – Topics in Science Education
CAS15-8 (AP) Graduation requirements - all MISE Ph.D. concentrations
CAS15-9 (AP) Graduation requirements - all MISE Ph.D. concentrations
CAS15-10 (AP) Graduation requirements - all MISE Ph.D. concentrations
CAS15-11 (AP) Graduation requirements - all MISE Ph.D. concentrations
CAS15-12 (AP) Graduation requirements - all MISE Ph.D. concentrations
CAS15-13 (AP) Graduation requirements - all MISE Ph.D. concentrations
CAS15-14 (AP) Graduation requirements - all MISE Ph.D. concentrations
CAS15-15 (AP) Revised major – Geophysics Major
CAS15-16 (AP) Revised major – Geophysics Major:  Change the required course number of GEOS 4600 to GEOS 5010.
CAS15-17 (AP) Revised major – Geology Major: Change the required course number of GEOS 4600 to GEOS 5010.
CAS15-18 (AP) Revised major – Geochemistry Major: Change the required course number of GEOS 4600 to GEOS 5010; add CHEM 5090 – Topics in Chemistry to the list of chemistry electives.
CAS15-19 (AP) Revised major – Earth Science Major: Change the required course number of GEOS 4600 to GEOS 5010.
CAS15-20 (AP) Revised major – Doctor of Philosophy in Geosciences: Change the required course number of GEOS 6600 to GEOS 5010.
CAS15-21 (SC/MC) Course number, different level, title, description – GEOS 4600 and GEOS 5010 – Geologic Communications. Change the course number of Geologic Communications (GEOS 4600) to GEOS 5010.  The proposed title of the course: GEOS 5010 Geologic Communications and Presentations. This will be a merged course from what had been GEOS 4600 and GEOS 6600.
CAS15-22 (MC) Deletion – GEOS 6600, Seminar in Geology and Earth Sciences: Course will be eliminated. 
CAS15-23 (AP) Revised major – Hydrogeology Major: change the required course number of GEOS 4600 to GEOS 5010.
CAS15-24 (SC) Pre/co-requisites – Ethnicity and Multiculturalism: remove current pre-requisites of ANTH 1200 or ANTH 2400 so that this general education is available to more of the students needing the class.
CAS15-25 (SC) Pre/Co-requisites – Advanced Organic Chemistry and Spectroscopy: remove Physical Chemistry (CHEM 4310) as a prerequisite to this course.
CAS15-26 (AP) Graduation requirements – Change requirements for award of degree from "Students must maintain at least a C average in their chemistry courses and earn a grade of C or better in any courses that are to be used as prerequisites for other courses" to "Students must earn at least a C grade in all chemistry courses."
CAS15-27 (AP) Revised major – Biochemistry Major: Add the requirements for biochemistry majors to include the new BIOS course numbers 1600, 1610 and 1620.  Remove the restrictive sub-list of appropriate CHEM electives in the catalog and replace it with "One (1) 4000 or higher level elective."
CAS15-28 (AP) Revised major – Geochemistry Major: various changes
CAS15-29 (SC) New course – BIOS 6055 - Seminar in Biology
CAS15-30 (SC) New course – BIOS 5750 – Stem Cells and Regeneration
CAS15-31 (AP) Revised minor – Elementary/Middle School Mathematics Minor


Contact Dr. Jonathan Bush for information from previous years.