Western Michigan University's integrated supply management program prepares students for a range of careers in the supply management field.


ISM graduates direct the buying activities for manufacturing companies. They are responsible for identifying global sources of materials, selecting suppliers, arranging contracts, managing relationships and ensuring quality. Graduates coordinate with materials management and manufacturing to ensure timely delivery of the appropriate materials. There are increasing opportunities in indirect procurement—procurement of everything a firm buys that does not go into its products. The WMU ISM program is one of just five programs in the nation that partners with ISM Services Group to integrate services procurement into the curriculum.


ISM graduates supervise production and assure quality in a manufacturing setting. They are responsible for supervising manufacturing engineers, production and quality associates, machine operators and other plant equipment operators. Graduates coordinate production scheduling, quality control, labor requirements, material requirements and finished goods inventories.


ISM graduates oversee a variety of logistics functions, including warehouse and distribution operations, forecasting, planning, logistics systems and customer service. They also coordinate third-party relationships with logistics suppliers and other members of supply management.

Not only do students become well-versed in these areas, they also develop skills in team management, interpersonal communication and group problem solving.

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