Center for Integrated Supply Management

The Western Michigan University Center for Integrated Supply Management offers an array of student learning experiences focusing on hands-on education and innovative research. In addition, an executive education program provides internal training to companies and managers who want to further the development of supply chain professionals.

Bronco Force Solutions Team

In conjunction with the center, Bronco Force offers consulting services in supply chain to corporate clients. The program is designed to address difficulties supply chain managers face and, through faculty and student involvement, determine best methods to solve those problems in the workplace.

The Bronco Force solutions team offers expertise to address supply chain challenges for companies. There are no upfront costs, and customers help fund the ISM center and merit-based scholarships based on the value of project results. Customers work with Ken Jones, director of executive education for the ISM program and instructor of integrated supply management, and student solutions teams to develop the scope of the project. An ISM faculty member who has expertise in typical project areas—lean manufacturing systems, purchasing, logistics and enterprise data systems—supervises the students as they complete the project. 

  • Supply chain challenges are becoming increasingly complex. Bronco Force will provide expertise to meet your supply chain challenges and solve problems with you as a value-added partner. 
  • Internal resources are not enough and additional direct hires or consultants can mean a large investment. Bronco Force will augment the talents of the existing workforce and seamlessly complement its teams and culture, reducing dependence on external consultants and the need for consulting budgets. 
  • Training, for the sake of training, is not the answer. One size does not fit all when it comes to training and business solutions, and consultative solutions do not equal completed projects and results. Bronco Force will tailor an approach for your company, learn from your projects and customize on-going training to ensure we embed the knowledge within your organizational culture.

To learn more about how Bronco Force can benefit your business, contact Ken Jones.