Thinking about majoring in Integrated Supply Management?

Here's what you can expect from the major and from your career.

  • A curriculum that combines supply chain, engineering, information technology, logistics and business education to prepare graduates for challenging and high-paying careers.
  • Courses that make you well-versed in purchasing, logistics, manufacturing and services.
  • Development of skills in team management, interpersonal communication, and group problem solving.

Supply chain management is a broad career field, where professionals are involved in every step of the process in providing goods to the consumer, from the time when materials are grown in the ground or mined from it, until they appear on the retail store shelves. Supply chain professionals also work in the service industry because of

their skill in improving the quality and efficiency of business process. In addition, because the ISM program provides a solid background in information technology and its role in supporting business processes, graduates are being hired into business analyst positions in information technology departments. 

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