(as of February 2017)


  • Leader: Pat Wilcox

Awards Luncheon

  • Leaders: 
  • Members: Jennifer Clements, Pearl DeVries, Jeanie Lewis, Lisa Youtzy, Cindy Zimmerman

Bronco Bash

  • Leader: 

Bus Trip

  • Co-Leaders: Jeannine Michael and Terri Sprague

Community Service

  • Members: PSSO Board


  • Members: PSSO Board

Executive Board Nominations

  • Leader: Kaycie Ohmart
  • Members: Lauren Eagle, Kim Tembreull


  • Leader: Paige Warner
  • Members: Pat Wilcox, Terri Simmons, Jeannine Michaels


  • Leader: Beth van den Hombergh
  • Members: Maria Mata, Mary Ramlow

PSSO Awards

  • Leader: Vicky Crawford
  • Members: 

PSSO Scholarships

  • Leader: Vicky Crawford
  • Members: Sarah Rasnake, Cindy VanderWoude

PSSO Website

  • Leader: Amber Hutson
  • Members: Sue Daniels 

University Committees

The following is a list of university committees on which members of PSSO participate. Membership on these committees does not imply that the University requested PSSO representation to the committee.

Alternative Health-Care Plan Team (short-term; ends in 2017)

  • Shannon Rininger

Conflict Resolution

  • Member: Pearl DeVries

Employee Health and Wellness

  • Member: Bekki Spanjer

Make a Difference

  • Members: Mary Lou Brooks, Mariann Vorva

Public Safety Oversight

  • Member: Terri Culver

Racial Healing Planning Grant

  • Member: Bekki Spanjer