Alexander, Joyce - Accounts Payable

Allers, Grant - Public Safety

Altman, Connie - Office of Information Technology

Amsterburg, Patricia - Engineering and Maintenance Services

Armstrong, Buff (Stephanie) - Center for Academic Success Programs

Baird, Linda - RETIRED

Baker, Carrie - Civil and Construction Engineering

Beougher, Sue - University Relations

Bero, Marty - Sindecuse Health Center

Bertholet, Celeste - Human Resources

Bibler, Melissa - Public Safety

Bigleow, Luann - Accountancy

Bishop, Lenore - Registrar's Office

Blake, Billie - Haenicke Institute for Global Education

Bond, Wayne - Center for English Language and Culture for International Students

Bourgeois, Diane - Educational Leadership, Research & Technology

Bradley, Cindy (Cynthia) - Human Performance and Health Education

Brooks, Mary Lou - Geography

Browning, Yolanda - College of Education and Human Development

Bruystens, Rebecca - Maintenance Services

Burghardt, Dawn - Office of the Registrar

Campbell, Shirley - University Libraries

Cardoza, Nancy - Sindecuse Health Center

Carney, Lauren  - College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office

Carter, Vicki - University Libraries

Choker, Mary - Dining Services

Clements, Jennifer - School of Social Work

Cochran, Kerry - RETIRED

Copeland, Aleks - College of Aviation

Crawford (Meinema), Vicky - Accounting Services

Culver, Terri - Accounting Services

Daniels, Susan - Provost and Academic Affairs

De La O, Jennifer - EUP, Metro Detroit

Dean, Tonya - College of Education and Human Development

Dersch, Christina - Office of Information Technology

DeVries, Pearl - College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Dluge, Donna - University Libraries

Drake, Shona - Immigration Services

Duymovic Waggy, Jenaba - World Languages and Literatures

Edwards, Christopher - Office of Information Technology

Eisenbach, Lauretta - Anthropology

Eldred, Kerry - Building Custodial and Support Services

Elston, Bridgette - College of Aviation

Everett, Shirley - Residence Life

Feenstra, Kim - Psychology

Ford, Julie - Human Performance and Health Education

Fosburg, Mary - Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Gates, Michelle - Admissions

Gerow, Kathy - University Libraries

Geyser, Amy - EUP, Grand Rapids

Gordon, Michael - Public Safety

Green, Lunny - RETIRED

Grover, Lou Ann - Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies

Hamilton, Londa - Bronco Express Services

Hart, Jani - Maintenance Services

Hatton, Renae - College of Aviation

Headley, Stacey - EUP, Grand Rapids

Hoang, Khanh - University Libraries

Hopkins, Anne - RETIRED

Hoskins, Laura - Unified Clinics

Hurd, Ruth - Building Custodial and Support Services

Hutson, Amber - Psychology

Jackson, Sharde - Office of the Registrar

Janecke, Nannette - Lee Honors College

Jansen, Krystal - Teacher Certification Office

Jaquays, Leesa - Geography

Johnson, Cathy - Bernhard Center

Johnson, Jennifer - Paper Printing Plants

Johnson, Nancy - Investments and Endowment Management

Juarez-Yuen, Rafael - EUP, Grand Rapids

Kenz, Kris (Kristin) - Student Affairs

King, Judy - College of Health and Human Services

Kison, James - Graduate College

Kohnert, Joshua - Student Employee Referral Service

Krum, Lori - Physics

Laipply, Rebecca - Office of the Registrar

Lanctot, Olivia - College of Health and Human Services

Landsberger, Nancy - Civil and Construction Engineering

Laws, Sally - Accounts Receivable

Lewis, Jeanie - Development and Alumni Relations

Locke, Vivian - Biological Sciences

Luhman, Gaylene - Office of Information Technology

Lyke, RoseElla - College of Aviation

Lynn, Carolyn - Transportation Services

Martin, Andrew - West Hills

Mathews, Holly - Physician Assistant

McBarnes, Michelle - Development and Alumni Relations

McConnell, Eric - Office of the Ombudsman

McGee, Theresa - Biological Sciences

McKnight, Lori (Lorinda) - Biological Sciences

McNees, Ann - Payroll and Disbursements

Medendorp, Judy - Special Education and Literacy Studies

Minshall, Delores - Office of Information Technology

Molter, Leah - Admissions

Moore, Cecelia - University Libraries

Morris-Mier, Carol - College of Education and Human Development

Nuismer, Kara - Catering

Obreiter, Cris (Natalia) - Military Science

Peacock, Barbara - Psychology

Poquette, Linda - Business and Finance

Powers, Rebecca - Mathematics

Pursley, Jerri - Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Pye, Erik - Special Education and Literacy Studies

Ramlow, Mary - Evaluation Center

Reeves, Cyntia - Haworth College of Business

Rininger, Shannon - Miller Auditorium

Root, Lynda - Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

Ross, Kandeiss-Toi - Human Resources

Sams, Tracie - Residence Life

Schutz, Wendy - Maintenance Stores

Sherburn, Tracie - Accounting

Simmons, Terri - Strategic Enrollment Management

Siwik, Cheryl - Payroll

Smith, Kim (Kimberly) - Admissions

Spanjer, Rebecca - Grants and Contracts

Sprague, Teresa - Human Resources

Springsteen, Cathe - Institutional Effectiveness

Strassner, Roberta - Human Resources

Swift, Shirley - RETIRED

Sylvester, Norma - University Libraries

Sziede, Shannon - Center for Fostering Success - Seita Program

Thompson, Vicki - Admissions

Thor, Alison - University Libraries

Timmerman, Bethany - EUP

Town, Cynthia - Institutional Equity

Townsend, Jennifer - Lee Honors College

van den Homberg, Beth - Career and Student Employment Services

Vanderputte, Richard - EUP, Muskegon

VanderWoude, Cindy - University Recreation

Vemich-Burgwald, Pat - University Libraries

Wagner, Anne - Accounts Payable

Walker, Linda - Extended University Programs

Warner, Paige - First Year Experience

Watson, Jan - School of Communication

Wells, Johanna - College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Whitaker, Theresa - Medieval Institute

Whitehead, Lori - Development and Alumni Relations

Wilcox, Pat - Payroll

Willmann, Karla - Management

Worrell, Meghan - EUP, Southwest

Youtzy, Lisa - Marketing

Zimmerman, Cindy - Accounting Services