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  • We just won the regional member of the year award. Kudos: This award was presented by the National Association of Graduate Student Professional for our outstanding service. This award was possible thanks to the support of all graduate students here at WMU.

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    Graduate College Student Ambassador Program: We are searching for graduate students who want to promote graduate education both on and off campus and want to represent their discipline and their college to both current and future graduate students!

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    Summer trip: On Saturday, July 25, WMU's Graduate Student Association spent a day at Six Flags Great America.

Hello, and welcome to the 2015-16 school year!


We, Damon Chambers and Marcial Amaury Pineda, are excited to introduce ourselves as the president and vice president of your Graduate Student Association here at Western Michigan University.

The Graduate Student Association is an organization of and for graduate students at Western Michigan University. Membership consists of student representatives from each department with a graduate program. The Association's primary function is to serve as a liaison between University administration and graduate students, providing direct communication regarding policy change, programming, and student concerns.

We believe that it is by working together with you that we will be able to excel in our mission to represent you and advocate for all graduate students here at Western. We hope that you will use the power of your voice. Please contact us with suggestions for improving this Association; reach out to us if you have issues that you would like to be addressed; attend our meetings or events; become an active member and add your talents to our Association family. Together we can elevate the condition of graduate students in this University, and thus make it a better place.

Please take some time to visit our Events page to be up to date with all activities which may be of interest to you. We also invite you to join our discussions on Facebook, Twitter and the Graduate Student Association Blog.

We look forward to getting to know each one of you. Thank you for your support, and we hope you have an excellent experience during your study at Western Michigan University.


Damon Chambers, president
Amaury Pineda, vice president

Your voice at Western Michigan University!