To be consistent with our vision, the Graduate Student Association has approved several reforms to our constitution that change the way in which Registered Student Organizations apply for funding. In essence, the Association has established a Senate with the charge of voting on budgetary matters.  With this, we have put in place a more inclusive and participatory setting in which, the voice of every graduate student can be heard. Each graduate student organization, and mixed students organization is required to send a representative to our meetings once a month in order to be eligible for funding. This representative has the duty of reporting back to their membership everything the Association is doing for the sake of graduate students and the overall Western Michigan University's betterment.

The funds we have available are administered by the Graduate Financial Allocation Committee; a standing subcommittee of the association. The Committee handles financial matters brought before the association, including the certification and travel grants. All applications must be emailed at least two weeks prior to the Committee's monthly meeting, before 5 p.m. in order to be considered for revision at that meeting. Late applications will not be considered until the following monthly meeting; that is regardless of the date of the event for which the Organization is seeking funding. In addition, organizations applying for funding must send a representative to the Committee's monthly meeting. Failure to do so will result in the proposal being tabled until the following month. Finally, all organizations applying for funding have to attend to the Registered Student Organization Orientation every academic year. The schedule for these orientations is listed at the bottom of this page.

The Association's budget is funded by a percentage of the Student Assessment Fee paid by on-campus graduate students when they register for classes. This is how the fee is distributed: 5% goes to Registered Student Organizations general services and 5% to Leadership and Life Skills. The remaining amount is distributed as follows: 17.31% goes to Student Media Group; 4.13% to Campus Activity Board, and 78.56% to the Graduate Student Association.

Proposals must be submitted electronically to:

Note: within the first two business days after submitting your application you will receive an email confirming that your documents has been received. In the event that you do not receive this confirmation,  you must assume we did not receive your request. Therefore, do not hesitate to email us inquiring the status of your application. It is your responsibility to check if your request was received or not.

Here are the documents every Organization interested in applying for funding needs to have ahead of time:

Funding guidelines.

Application form.

Self evaluation form.

Association's logo

RSO orientation fall 2017

Date:                                     Time:                                     Location:

1/11/2017                           11:30am-1:00pm               157-159 BC

1/17/2017                           1:30pm-3:00pm                 Brown/Gold BC

1/18/2017                           12:30pm-2:00pm               204 BC

1/24/2017                           3:00pm-4:30pm                 209 BC

2/7/2017                             2:00pm-3:30pm                 Brown/Gold BC


Please remember that space is limited for each orientation, so you will need to reserve a spot via ExperienceWMU on the Student Activities and Leadership Programs events page: In addition, note that you may need to log in with your BroncoNet ID and password to see the dates. Finally, do not forget to indicate the RSO you are attending for in the comments section. If you have any questions please contact Terri Riemland at

How to understand the budget.

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Budget proposal

2017-18 approved budget

Current budget


Previous budget



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