Graduate Student Organizations

Here is a list of all the duly registered graduate student organizations at Western Michigan University. We provide a brief description of their objectives, contact information, and a link (when available) to their website.


Anthropology Graduate Collective

Our purpose is to provide an organization for graduate students in the department of anthropology.  This group will come together with the aims of: 1) fostering community among graduate students within the anthropology department at Western Michigan University, 2) creating a environment for its members for the exploration of topics within the four fields of anthropology as well as related fields and 3) promoting an awareness and appreciation for anthropology at Western Michigan University, and surrounding communities.

Behavior Analysis Graduate Student Organization

 The mission of our organization is to facilitate communication between behavior analysis graduate students and faculty and to organize events in order to improve the Western Michigan University behavior analysis graduate student experience. Contact: President: Becky Kolb rebecca.l.kolb@wmich.eduWebsite: Behavior Analysis Graduate Student Organization

Chemistry Graduate Student Association

The Chemistry Graduate Student Association at Western Michigan University aims to promote the interactions between graduate students, postgraduate workers and faculty within the department of chemistry and to further the boundaries of our academic and social interests and develop skills and potential to be successful through various activities.

Clinical Psychology Graduate Student Organization

Our purpose is to promote the interests of clinical psychology graduate students at Western Michigan University. The Clinical Psychology Graduate Student Organization serves as a liaison between graduate students and faculty members in the clinical psychology program, it also assesses and addresses graduate student needs within the department of psychology. In addition, we plan professional and social enrichment opportunities for graduate students and encourage undergraduate involvement in research opportunities available through here at Western. Contact info: Co-presidents: Emily Morgan and Olivia Gratz Facebook page: 

Dominican Student Organization

Our mission is to share and promote the Dominican culture and values with the Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo community while we strengthen our integrity and our bonds as a group. At the same time, we seek to cultivate and support a cultural and diverse awareness in collaboration with other organizations throughout Western and the community. As an organization, we intend to provide avenues for students to develop leadership opportunities, in addition to delivering solutions to our fellow members’ issues. Contact: President Eric Carlo webpage: Dominican Student Organization

Friends of the Teaching Assistant Union and Part-time instructors

We, Friends of the Teaching Assistants and Part-time Instructors, support the aims and goals of the Teaching Assistants Union and Professional Instructors Organization at Western Michigan University, who, having been authorized in democratic elections validated by the State of Michigan as the legal representatives of their respective constituencies for the purposes of collective bargaining, commit themselves to fostering participatory democracy in our university and community. Our goals shall be organizing teaching assistants and professional instructors, cultivating union solidarity, and promoting quality education at Western Michigan University.  This organization seeks to cooperate with the Teaching Assistants UnionProfessional Instructors Organization, and other unions and groups to promote common goals and ideals. Contact: President Kristina Bailey

Fulbright Student Organization

The main objective of the Fulbright Student Organization at Western Michigan University is to incorporate all Fulbright granted students from different countries who attend to Western. We aim to be a mechanism that helps all its members in order to share their culture and values with the WMU and Kalamazoo community and other members of the group.

Graduate Communication Organization


Graduate Student Association of Philosophers

The purpose of this organization is to promote a community for the philosophy graduate students, which will help facilitate the philosophical exchange of ideas and provide a forum for graduate students to more closely interact with others in the field. Contact info: President Jared Park Website: 

Graduate Student of Color

Graduate Students of Color is an organization of and for graduate students at Western Michigan University, who are dedicated to increasing the diversity at Western and all of the communities that this University serves. To be a student member, you must be currently enrolled at as a graduate student. Our primary function is to help Western to better represent the multitudes of student cultures, languages, and ethnic backgrounds.

Graduate Student of Comparative Religion

The Graduate Students of Comparative Religion is a student organization which exists to help graduate students in their endeavors at Western Michigan University and support the department when applicable. Contact info: President Krista Major Facebook page:

History Graduate Student Organization

The History Graduate Student Organization functions as an academic and social communication link between faculty and students. It also identifies members for several representative bodies in the university–wide Graduate Student Advisory Committee, its subcommittees, and certain councils of the Faculty Senate. Contacts: President Thomas Maurer Website: History Graduate Student Organization

Indian Student Association

Our vision is to promote and encourage a better cultural awareness among students regarding India and its culture. We have continued to uphold a tradition of excellence ever since we started. Western Michigan University has seen consistent enrollment of students from Indian origin. Today, the association is made up of more than thousand members, that includes both currently enrolled and alumni. We are known to be one among the largest International organization at Western Michigan University.

Industrial Organization Graduate Student Organization

Our purpose is to promote the interests of Industrial Organizational Psychology graduate students at Western Michigan University. Our Organization serves as a liaison between graduate students and faculty members in the industrial organizational psychology program, assesses and addresses graduate student needs in the program, and plans professional and social enrichment opportunities for graduate students in the department of psychology.

Iraqi Student Union

Our mission is to arrange educational and social workshops to help new students adjust and feel comfortable in their new environment and living system. Provide engagement opportunities in different Western Michigan University activities (e.g. social events and sports), and cooperate with several other organizations here at Western.

Music Graduate Student

The purpose of Music Graduate Students organization is to aid in the professional development of graduate students within Western Michigan University’s School of Music.  Our organization prepares artists to be independent, adaptable, and creative entrepreneurs in the professional world, and provides them with tools to aid in their mentorship of undergraduate students here at Western. Contact info: President Michael Gause Facebook page:

National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemist and Chemical


Persian Student Organization

The Purpose of this organization is to promote the Iranian culture within the Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo community. We aim to establish strong bonds between students from Iran and the United States, as well as those from other countries so that we can introduce them to the vast Iranian cultural heritage. We would like to emphasize our similarities and peace among different nationalities. We want to congregate Iranians studying here at Western and organize different cultural events for them and all other interested domestics and international students.

Political Science Graduate Student Association

The Political Science Graduate Student Association is a student-led organization in the department of political science here at Western Michigan University. This Organization works with graduate students and faculty to encourage departmental development and growth by sponsoring events and meetings that inform students about graduate life and professionalization skills. Overall, the Organization seeks to help all graduate students keep in touch with peers and possible networking contacts by hosting lectures and workshops. Contact info: President Britanny Brake

Society of Exploration Geophysicists


Society of Hispanic Professional Engineer