Sports Club Council

  • Ice Hockey Team SCC Club of the Year

    Congratulations Ice Hockey team
    2016-17 SCC Club of the Year

  • Sport Club Council Meeting
    Team president’s or representatives, join us Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 9 p.m., room 3012 of the SRC

  • Club Sports men's rugby team with President Montgomery

    President Montgomery meets the men's rugby club players and coaches.

Sports Club Council is committed to promoting sport clubs at Western Michigan University by providing resources and support to help ensure the growth of club teams.

Executive board

Paul Geyer (Water Ski)President
Amy Rizzo (Synchronized Skating), Vice President
Carson Malinowski (Ice Hockey), Treasurer
Johnathan Janes (Men's Lacrosse), Secretary
Andre Rattray, Graduate Assistant
Amy Seth, Advisor
Renea Peruski, Advisor


The Sports Club Council has the following expectations of its members:

  • Attend all meetings.
  • Help raise funds for the council account.
  • Provide a roster list and waiver for all club members.
  • Prepare your budget on time and in the correct format for the executive board to review.