Club Contacts

Executive board

Paul Geyer (Water Ski), President
Amy Rizzo (Synchronized Skating), Vice President
Carson Malinowski (Ice Hockey),Treasurer
Andre Rattray, Graduate Assistant
Amy Seth, Advisor
Renea Peruski, Advisor


Fall Sports Club contacts


Alpine Andre Rattray
Baseball Zach Wilds
Basketball Tyler Bassler
Bass fishing
Collin Jump
Brennan Ramirez
Dodgeball Peter Broe
Equestrian Emily Stewart
eSports Scott Puckett
Garrett Stuart
Ice hockey (men) Carson Malinowski
In-line hockey James Milletics
Lacrosse (men) Patrick Gushee
Lacrosse (women) Alex Plenys
Paintball Hayden Staub
Racquetball Cameron Chapell
Rock climbing Brooke Treece
Hal Pratley
Rugby (men) Ryan Loney
Andrew West
Rugby (women) Madison LaDouce
Sailing Casey McVoy
Skating Amy Rizzo
Sky dive John Bartolic
Soccer (men) Jordan Veneman
Soccer (women) Haiden Warmuskerken
Softball Kirsten Maniez
Amanda McGrail
Swimming Ben Grazevich
Swing Dance Amanda Sidwell
Tennis Mallory Humphrey
Track and Cross Country Nate Falzon
Ultimate frisbee (men) Jared Winters
Volleyball (men) Jake Wendell
Volleyball (women) Cassidy Rourke
Melissa Smith
Water polo Julia Kennedy
Water ski Paul Geyer

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