Master of International Development Administration

Recent MIDA graduates Mark McKeon, far left, and Josh Greenman, second from left, on a service trip to Guatemala in 2015.

Students at Western Michigan University planning to pursue careers in the public and nonprofit sectors in developing countries and in international development organizations can build a foundation of professional competence in the following classes offered by the Department of Political Science.

  • Development theories such as those oriented to government action, economic markets and popular participation.
  • History of the field, where most core classes use case studies so students gain a broad familiarity with practical issues specific to many professional areas and political environments.
  • Methods such as cost-benefit analysis, monitoring and evaluation, the logical framework, stakeholder analysis and methods of political and institutional analysis.
  • Skills such as budgeting, research and writing, human resource management and public speaking.

Recent classes have discussed programs and projects such as savings and credit, irrigation, jute mills, primary health care, small business development, tea estates, agricultural extension and retail cooperatives. Students have examined development policies and their implementation in many countries including Brazil, Egypt, India, Kenya, Mexico, Taiwan and Turkey. Other topics include legacies of colonialism, structural adjustment, poverty, corruption, technology, decentralization and economic topics such as inflation, exchange rates, monopoly and international markets.

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