How to Apply

You will be signing up for a semester-long commitment. You must be currently enrolled in the courses for which you are seeking help at Western Michigan University. You must re-apply every semester even if you had previously participated in the Mentoring for Success Program. Please make sure you are completing the application form for the correct semester as there is a different application form for each semester. The application forms are needs assessment forms that include a series of open-ended questions. Please note that mentoring services are only available during the fall and spring semesters, although the Mentoring for Success Program's forum is open during the summer sessions as well.

If a long-term mentoring commitment is not something that you are looking for, there are many other campus resources available as well to assist you in developing and achieving your academic goals and having a successful college career.

To apply to the Mentoring for Success Program, you will need the following:

  • Your Bronco NetID and password combination.
    • If a window pops up, please click the “No” button.
    • If the login fails, and you are sure that you have correctly entered your Bronco NetID and password combination, please contact WMU's IT Helpdesk.
  • Your course numbers.
  • Your course registration numbers.
  • Your professors’ names.
  • 30 to 45 minutes of your time.

Types of application

  1. Application for new participants.
  2. Application for returning participants.
  3. Application for forum-only participants.
    • If you would like to post occasional questions in the Mentoring for Success Program's forum only and not meet with a peer mentor, please complete this sign-up form.
    • This is the most ideal option for you if you do not need to meet with a peer mentor on a regular basis, need help with a subject that does not require you to meet one-on-one with a peer mentor, or will only need help with particular topics in your subjects at particular times. It is highly recommended that you choose this option to participate in the Mentoring for Success Program's forum only to receive all your help online. The benefits of choosing the forum only option include, but are not limited to, having no commitment, generally getting quicker answers to your questions, and receiving feedback from all peer mentors with expertise in that subject instead of from only one assigned peer mentor.

What happens after applying

Please make sure you check your email after submitting your application form. You will receive an automated confirmation email once your application form has been successfully submitted. Continue to check your email regularly after submitting your application form as your assigned peer mentor will be contacting you by email.