Math 1100 Algebra I

The Developmental Math Program in the Department of Mathematics at Western Michigan University offers Math 1100, a mastery-based algebra course covering the arithmetic foundations of algebra, properties of real numbers, linear equations and inequalities and systems of linear equations.



  1. Friday, Sept. 22 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes); Thursday, Sept. 21 (Tuesday and Thursday classes); 25 minutes
  2. Wednesday, Oct. 18 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes); Thursday, Oct. 19 (Tuesday and Thursday classes); 50 minutes
  3. Monday, Nov. 6 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes); Tuesday, Nov. 7 (Tuesday and Thursday classes); 25 minutes
  4. Wednesday, Nov. 29 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes); Tuesday, Nov. 28 (Tuesday and Thursday classes); 50 minutes

If you are unable to attend class on any exam day you must notify Dr. Eisenhart (269) 387-4117 or (269) 873-8194 before the exam or a make-up may be denied.


    1. Course info, rates and ratios
    2. Unit analysis, meaning of fraction and fraction comparisons
    3. Fraction addition and subtraction and Exam 1 
    4. Fraction multiplication and division, growth/decay factors and algebraic properties
    5. Distributive property, mixed numbers and order of operations
    6. Percent change and functions
    7. Graphing, Exam 2 and exponent rules
    8. Exponent rules and linear verses exponential functions
    9. Linear verses exponential functions and models and equivalent expressions
    10. Exam 3, equivalent expressions and solving graphically
    11. Solving symbolically and average rate of change
    12. Average rate of change and Thanksgiving
    13. Practical meaning average rates of change, Exam 4 and linear regression
    14. Lines
    15.  Final Exam

    Monday, November 6 is the last day a student can process an officially withdrawal from a class to avoid a failing grade.

    Morning classes are scheduled for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Do not plan to leave before noon on Wednesday, November 22.


    There are many online videos on Algebra I topics. As with anything viewed on the Web, one should first sift through and determine which information is of value and actually correct. The director of the Developmental Mathematics Program recommends Algebra I students view the Khan Academy videos for Pre-Algebra and Algebra I.