The Department of Geosciences at Western Michigan University is determined to help you meet your academic goals and achieve a successful career. We highly encourage you to meet with your advisors at least once per year to plan your academic schedule. This helps in timely graduation and to tackle any difficulties. We highly value the time and resources invested by our students. 

Are you unsure which geoscience major is right for you?  Do you wonder about job opportunities corresponding to these majors? Please make an appointment with Dr. Duane Hampton.

Undergraduate advising

The College of Arts and Sciences has a two-tiered advising system for undergraduates. Please consult your departmental and college advisors regularly to ensure that academic requirements are met.

Major and minor advising

The department provides major and minor advising through our faculty or staff expertise. Contact your advisor to schedule an appointment.

  • Dr. Michelle Kominz: all programs, except earth science education and secondary integrated science education

University and general education advising

The College of Arts and Sciences provides advising in:

Secondary education majors

Graduate advising

Graduate students receive advising from:

Academic misconduct

Educators will maintain high standards of academic integrity and refer cases of suspected misconduct to the Office of Student Conduct.

WMU Student Code, Page 6 states, "A student who chooses to enroll at Western Michigan University assumes the obligation for conduct that is compatible with the University's mission as an educational institution. While students have the privilege to enroll at the institution of their choice, choosing to enroll at Western Michigan University requires a student to become aware of and abide by the behavior standards of the University. Ignorance of acceptable boundaries of student behavior as contained in the Student Code is not a basis for excusing inappropriate behavior."