The Department of Geosciences at Western Michigan University resides in Rood Hall, with additional lab and teaching space in Haenicke Hall, Wood Hall and the Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education.

We offer:

  • High quality degree programs that are nationally and internationally reputed.
  • Programs that strengthen students' learning and development through classroom education, field-based study and scientific research.
  • Dedicated faculty who take teaching very seriously and make learning more meaningful and exciting.
  • A long history of success evident through placement of our graduates in top-ranking positions all across the nation and abroad.

Our undergraduate and graduate degree programs are designed for students coming from diverse backgrounds with a variety of career goals.  Free help is offered to students needing assistance with their course work. 


Wondering what geoscientists do and where do they work? Check out the American Geological Institute brochure, which answers these and other questions.

Our degrees prepare students for a variety of career paths:

  • An undergraduate degree in geosciences prepares students for entry-level geosciences positions as well as preparing them for graduate school. WMU graduates in the geosciences hold positions in places such as government agencies, energy and natural resources companies, consulting firms, nonprofit organizations and academic institutions. Many WMU graduates pursue advanced degrees from other renowned universities as well.
  • A master's degree in geosciences prepares students to advance into a wide range of career paths in fields where they can make a real, practical difference.
  • A doctoral degree prepares students specifically for high-level and cutting-edge research in industry and academia.