To date, more than 15,000 individuals have graduated from Western Michigan University College of Health and Human Services academic programs. These individuals have been and are our partners, emissaries and supporters. We appreciate and value our alumni and the continuing relationships among and between them and all of the college's constituents: students, faculty, staff, other alumni and the community.

To faculty, the achievements of our alumni indicate that their instruction has been effective. The teaching and learning process is, after all, a team effort. Faculty members are proud of alumni and pleased to have played a role in their accomplishments.

For students, alumni are a testament to the many ways in which graduates contribute to society, inspiring them to accomplish their own educational and professional goals.

For the college, its academic programs, and the University, alumni are representative of success in meeting their missions and accomplishing their goals.

Meet 2015 Outstanding Alumni

We are proud to introduce our 2015 Outstanding Alumni.