Photo of Héctor Luis Díaz
Director and Professor
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Photo of Robin Beth Brown
Administrative Assistant I, Assistant to the Director
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Photo of Michelle Adams
Administrative Assistant II
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Photo of Don Cooney
Associate Professor
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Photo of Linwood Cousins
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Photo of Patricia Criswell
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Photo of Mioara  Diaconu
Assistant Professor
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Photo of Roxanna Duntley-Matos
Assistant Professor
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Photo of Richard Grinnell
(269) 387-3189
Photo of Jennifer Harrison
Assistant Professor
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Photo of James Henry
(269) 387-3175
Photo of Sarah Hoyle-Katz
Administrative Assistant I, Grand Rapids
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Photo of Jennifer Klauth
Director of Outreach and Marketing
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Photo of Stephanie Lagalo
Director of Field Education
Photo of Paul Mailloux
Faculty Specialist I - Professional Specialist, Benton Harbor and Grand Rapids
(269) 934-1513
Administrative Assistant I
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Photo of Gary Mathews
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Photo of Melinda McCormick
Managing Editor for the Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare
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Photo of Robin McKinney
Associate Professor
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Photo of Rubi Monterrosas
Administrative Assistant I
(269) 934-1524
Coordinator Fieldwork, Grand Rapids
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Photo of Linda Reeser
Professor, BSW Program Coordinator
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Photo of Dan Renstrom
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Photo of Mary Ellen Sartoris
Faculty Specialist II, Grand Rapids
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Photo of Linda Schmidt
Assistant Professor
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Photo of Dee Sherwood
Faculty Specialist II, Coordinator Extended University Program, Grand Rapids
Photo of Marian Tripplett
Faculty Specialist I, Coordinator Extended University Program, Benton Harbor
Photo of Yvonne Unrau
(269) 387-3185
Photo of Karen VanDeusen
Professor, Co-coordinator Trauma Specialization
(616) 771-9928
Photo of Mark Varney
Faculty Specialist I - Professional Specialist
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Photo of Donna Weinreich
Associate Professor, Associate Director, MSW Program Coordinator
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Photo of Bridget Weller
Associate Professor
(269) 387-3196