Field Education

At Western Michigan University's School of Social Work, field education is an essential component of social work education and provides students with an opportunity to integrate classroom learning with practice in the field. All B.S.W. students begin field placement in their senior year. B.S.W. students are to complete 200 field education hours per semester for a total of a minimum of 400 hours for the two-semester placements. All full-time and extended-study M.S.W. students are required to complete two field placements for a total of 900 hours over a two-year period during the fall and spring semesters. Advanced-standing M.S.W. students complete one field placement for a total of 500 hours in the fall and spring semesters. The field placement is considered a required course and is taken concurrently with required course work according to the advanced-standing, full-time or extended plan of study. Students are also encouraged to explore the certificate programs, some of which have concurrent field placement requirements.

Field placements offer students the opportunity to learn about social problems, social welfare organizations, diverse client groups, communities and resources, and issues that are psychosocial in nature in an organization-based setting under the direct supervision of approved and credentialed social work field instructors. The field placement is an opportunity for students to add depth and breadth to their previous experience; it is also a time to explore a new area or field of study.

Field placement expectations

The field placement is an integral part of the B.S.W. and M.S.W. programs and has strict standards enforced by the Council on Social Work Education. Credit for current or past work experience is not an option nor available. All students must complete a field placement application form and submit it to the coordinator of field education, who is responsible for implementing the placement plan. Students must not contact organizations without approval from the coordinator of field education and must successfully interview and be selected for placement by the organization field instructor.

Faculty liaison

Each student in field placement is assigned a faculty liaison who provides support to the student and the organization field instructor. The faculty liaison monitors the student's progress, trouble-shoots if there are problems, and assigns the student's grade. The faculty liaison is the school's link to the community and works to strengthen the partnership between the school and the community. The faculty liaison serves as a channel for communication between classroom faculty, students and field instructors to promote awareness of student's needs and maximize educational opportunities in both the classroom and the field placement.

Field instructor of the year

The Field Education Committee is seeking nominations for the School of Social Work's field instructor of the year award. To nominate, please complete the following nomination form:

Field instructor of the year nomination form