Field Education

Western Michigan University's School of Social Work is proud to offer quality field education opportunities to BSW and MSW students to develop professional-level competencies in social work practice at  micro, mezzo, and macro levels, and to serve as the signature pedagogy, or the most fundamental way that social work practice is taught, in social work education. The Field Office at Western Michigan University's School of Social Work is committed to making sure field education is one of the highlights of the social work educational experience.

It is important to understand that field is a significant, impactful, and engaging part of  social work education.  It is where students practice all of the knowledge, skills, and values of the social work program, and learn to be a professional social worker in practice.  This intensive focus on field education is unique in social work education, and is what makes it our signature pedagogy. 

The School of Social Work is always looking for ways to engage students, faculty, and field instructors in improving the process of field.  If there are ideas that you have about how to make the field education process easier, more responsive, or more fun, please contact the Field Office of your site and share your ideas.

Field instructor of the year

Each year the Field Education Committee seeks nominations for the School of Social Work's field instructor of the year award.

2015-2016 Recipient

Andrea Bishop, LMSW, InterAct of Michigan

2014 - 2015 Recipients

Kim Rychener, LMSW, Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health
Jenifer Hill, LCSW, Family Justice Center of St. Joseph County