Animal Care

All animals utilized by Western Michigan University researchers and instructors will receive proper care and humane treatment by conducting activities in accordance with all federal, local and WMU policies, regulations and standardized practices. This is accomplished by use of approved protocols, comprehensive oversight and training. Mistreatment of any animal under WMU's care will not be tolerated.

Committee oversight: Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee—IACUC—interprets and applies federal regulations, state law and sponsor requirements for the protection of the welfare of animals in research conducted under the aegis of WMU. 

WMU Procedures

Training requirements

All WMU personnel (faculty, staff and students) who use animals in their research or teaching are required to complete the IACUC training program. Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative offers this course. Researchers must also complete any specific courses relevant to their research prior to the start of the project.

Application forms

IACUC Meeting Schedule

IACUC meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month if submissions are received.

Location:  Emeriti Lounge, 211 West Walwood Hall, East Campus

An inspection of the animal facility is conducted semi-annually, following an IACUC meeting. Dates will be determined.

The deadline to deliver animal care protocol is the fourth Wednesday of each month by 5 p.m. Email one electronic copy to and deliver one signed original to IACUC, 251 W Walwood, MS 5456.

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Submit a Concern

Use the WMU Reporting Hotline to submit concerns. Select “Make a Report” at the top of the page.


Julia Mays  
(269) 387-8293
Associate Director of Research Compliance

Animal Facility Manager
(269) 387-5954
Animal Facility Manager