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Advertisements and opportunities for music students

Compiled from applicable and appropriate email/mail submissions to the School of Music office. Flyers or announcements in PDF format preferred. 

Note: Western Michigan University neither endorses, sponsors or promotes any posting unless otherwise indicated. WMU is not liable for outcomes of any engagement related to the postings. 



Elementary Music Education, Dubuque, IA - 7.21.17

Pianist, Unitarian Universalist Community Church, Portage - 7.24.17

Support Paraprofessional, Hudsonville MS Bands - 8.14.17

Performers, Kalamazoo Farmers Market - 8.14.17

Site Coordinator, Kalamazoo Community Kids in Tune - 8.15.17

K-8 Music Teacher, Quest Charter Academy - 8.23.17

K-12 Music Teacher in Newberry, Michigan - 8.23.17

Choir Teacher, Goshen Middle School - 8.25.17

Organist/Choir Accompanist, Second Reformed Church, Kalamazoo - 8.31.17

Guitar Instructor, Flint School of Performing Arts - 9.18.17

Music Educator, Musicool, China - 9.27.17