Admission procedures

  1. An application to the University during the initial filing period (if already a student at Western Michigan University, you must still complete steps two and three below).  
  2. An application to attend a School of Music New Student Admissions Day on which you would be expected to:
  • Complete an interview with Multimedia Arts Technology faculty so we can get to know you in person
  • Give a brief performance*  (no more than 1-2 minutes in duration) for multimedia arts technology faculty on either:
    • Any traditional or non-traditional acoustic instrument (including any vocal style or guitar): You are responsible for providing your own instrument
    • Any traditional or non-traditional electronic instrument (including electric guitar, keyboard, or DJ-style performance): If you have questions about what technology we have available, please email
  • Complete the written theory test only.  No aural skills testing required.
  • Attend informational sessions about the School of Music
  • Submission of a Letter of Interest and supplemental Portfolio (only select an instrument, if you intend to do an additional audition for an instrumental studio). This material is due one day before your interview by 4 pm. For example, if your interview is on Friday, you must submit your materials by 4 pm on Thursday. If you do not submit your materials by that time, you must bring it on a flash drive; however, please submit your materials as indicated. 

      • MAT Letter of Interest:
        • What drew your interest to this degree program?
        • What audio and/or video software and hardware do you have experience with?
        • Do you have any other applicable experience related to music and/or technology?
        • What are your goals during and after the program?
      • MAT Portfolio (if available):
        • may include any audio and/or video documentation of work you have done with technology
        • any documentation (audio and/or visual recording) of a performance on a traditional or non-traditional electronic instrument (including electric guitar, keyboard, or DJ-style performance)

      Go to the WMU Music Submissions website for specific instructions on uploading portfolio materials. 


      *If the applicant wishes to take applied lessons for credit, they must arrange for an additional Studio Audition time on New Student Admissions Day.

      Please consult with music’s undergraduate advisor for additional application details. 

      Prospective or current WMU students may apply to the B.S. in multimedia arts technology major a maximum of two times. Qualified students will initially be admitted to the program with the designation pre-program based on the following criteria:

      1. The extent to which their goals are in line with what the program provides
      2. The extent to which their knowledge and background supports achieving these goals
      3. Available space in the program

      To matriculate from pre-program to the multimedia arts technology major, students must:

      1. Earn a grade of C or better for all courses taken to fulfill major course requirements.
      2. Complete the equivalent coursework for the multimedia arts technology minor, with a minimum GPA of 3.25 for those courses.
      3. Complete a minimum of 10 credits from the designated core music courses, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 for those courses.

      Students who do not maintain the above requirements will not be permitted to take coursework specifically designated for multimedia arts technology majors and thus would not be eligible to complete the degree. If, however, they have completed the equivalent coursework for the multimedia arts technology minor, they can receive the minor and use it to accompany another undergraduate degree.