Bachelor of Science in multimedia arts technology

This is a new degree starting in fall 2014. It is designed to offer career opportunities in the recording, sound reinforcement, intermedia performance and entertainment industries. Students in this degree receive intensive, hands-on instruction and experience utilizing state-of-the-art electronic equipment and labs.

General education electives (37 credit hours)

Major core music program (18 to 20 credit hours)

  • Required courses:
    • MUS 1010: Music Convocation (six semesters) (zero credit hours)
    • MUS 1140: Digital Media in Music (one credit hour)
    • MUS 3520: Non-Western Music (four credit hours)
    • MUS 3520 (fulfills baccalaureate-level writing requirement)
  • Music Theory - 1 course selected from:
    • MUS 1590: Fundamentals of Music (two credit hours)
    • MUS 1600: Basic Music I (must waive MUS 1590 by exam) (three credit hours)
  • Music Appreciation—one course selected from:
  • MUS 1500: Music Appreciation: Live Music (four credit hours)
  • MUS 1520: Rock Music: Genesis and Development (four credit hours)
  • MUS 1510: Music Appreciation: Jazz/Pop  (four credit hours)
  • MUS 3500: American Music  (four credit hours)
  • MUS 4500: Music Appreciation: The Symphony  (three credit hours)
  • Music Performance—eight credit hours selected from:
  • MUS 1020: Piano Class I (two credit hours)
  • MUS 1030: Piano Class II (two credit hours)
  • MUS 1240: Guitar Class I (two credit hours)
  • MUS 1250: Guitar Class II (two credit hours)
  • MUS 1000: Applied Music (two credit hours)* +
  • Ensemble Electives (one credit hour)* +
    • MUS 1070, 1080, 1090, 1100, 1110, 1120, 1130, 1180, 1190, 2100, 2120, 2180, 3170, 5170, 5220

Major course requirements in multimedia arts technology (37 to 38 credit hours)

  • Required courses: (28 to 29 credit hours)
    • MUS 1940: Introduction to Audio Engineering (two credit hours)
    • MUS 2220: Computer Music Design (three credit hours)
    • MUS 2240: Electronic Music Techniques (two credit hours)
    • MUS 5220: KLOrk: Kalamazoo Laptop Orchestra (two credit hours minimum)*
    • MUS 5640: Seminar in Electronic Music (six credit hours minimum)*
    • MUS 5960: Multi-track Recording (two credit hours)
    • MUS 5645: Audio for Video (three credit hours)
    • MUS 5655: Special Topics in Multimedia Arts Technology (two to three credit hours)
    • MUS 5965: Sound Reinforcement Practicum (two credit hours minimum)*
    • MUS 5990: Projects in Recording Technology (four credit hours minimum)*
  • Interdisciplinary Cognates (minimum nine credit hours selected from the following):
    • ART 2750: Video Art I (three credit hours)
    • COM 2560: Digital Media: Planning and Operations (three credit hours)
    • COM 3050: Video Game Design (three credit hours)
    • ECE 1000: Fundamentals of Circuits and Electronics (three credit hours)
    • ECE 1010: Fundamentals of Electronics and Machines (three credit hours)
    • ECE 2500: Digital Logic (three credit hours)
    • MUS 5655: Special Topics in Multimedia Arts Technology (two to three credit hours)*
    • PHYS 1010: The Science of Music (three credit hours)
  • Capstone Project: (four credit hours)
    • MUS 5970 Projects in Music (four credit hours)
    • The capstone project brings together acquired skills and knowledge, which is an outgrowth of the candidate’s course work and has been approved by the multimedia arts technology faculty. The capstone project will provide the student with significant artifacts as part of their portfolio for graduate school applications and/or potential employers. Students register for two credit hours each semester during their final year and are required to give a 30-minute public presentation of the project. 

Minor in another department of the University (15 credit hours minimum)

  • In the event that the credit hours for the minor requirements established by the department which offers that minor are greater than 15, the students may make an appropriate adjustment in the hours allowed for free electives.
  • Due to the significant overlap in courses, multimedia arts technology majors may not use either the music minor or the multimedia arts technology minor to fulfill the Bachelor of Science minor requirement.

Free electives (eight to 10 credit hours)

Required laptop purchase

  • To complete this program, the student must have the use of an Apple laptop computer. Please consult with the multimedia arts technology faculty for current hardware and software recommendations.


*These courses may be repeated for credit.

+Applied Music and Ensembles are available to students who can qualify by audition with appropriate applied faculty and/or ensemble director.