Purchasing Department

Purchases up to $5,000

Individuals and/or departments may purchase through use of the University procurement card. See the payroll and disbursement procurement card website for more information. Please indicate at time of order that we are tax exempt.

Purchases over $5,000

Up to $50,000

Written bids will be obtained by filling out a purchase requisition. Verbal or telephone bids will be accepted in an emergency. Sole source situations must be verified by a buyer or a letter of justification must be submitted by the requester and approved.

Verbal or telephone bids will be accepted in an emergency, provided approval from the associate vice president for business and finance is received.

$50,000 and over

Sealed bids will be issued along with affirmative action compliance. Exceptions to this rule may be made only with the written approval of the vice president for business and finance, or designee.

Sole source purchase

Sole source purchases over $5,000 must be justified to the satisfaction of a purchasing buyer/director of logistical services. Sole source documentation and authorization form must be attached to purchase requisition

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