The mission of Residence Life is to foster a residential experience that engages individuals as students, community members and learners through academic support, civic responsibility and personal development.


Residence Life strives to…

  • Build a better student.
  • Build a better person.
  • Build a better community.
  • Build a better experience.


Provide a positive, supportive and safe residential experience for Western Michigan University students and staff.

  • Focus on facility improvements that enhance safety, lifestyle and satisfaction.
  • Provide staff that is knowledgeable, accessible and responsive to students and facilities.
  • Provide intentional experiences that facilitate individual, social and academic connections.

Support students in their pursuit of academic excellence.

  • Provide a facility and policies that support learning.
  • Develop a staff that supports the academic mission through promotion of academic resources and programming and investment in individual success.
  • Offer a variety of living learning communities that expand a student’s curricular and co-curricular experience.
  • Recognize student academic achievement through a variety of reward and incentive programs.

Create communities that integrate active engagement, personal responsibility and a sense of belonging.

  • Foster student interaction so that individuals are valued and feel as though they are part of a community.
  • Promote diversity through education, policies, practices, programs and a shared living experience.
  • Establish and enforce community standards that promote accountability and respect.

Promote and support diverse environments that enhance experiential learning and personal development.

  • Provide programming that enhances the residential and university experience as well as stimulates personal growth.
  • Offer progressive leadership opportunities that provide a variety of experiences, skill development and responsibilities.
  • Strive to prepare students for life after Western Michigan University.