Camp for young writers june 20-july 1, 2016

Third Coast writing project is proud to announce our 15th annual Camp for Young Writers.  

Ages 8-10:  Diary of a Poetic Kid: "Ode" School

In this camp  students will write "ode"-style poetry where they look for ordinary and overlooked objects in their everyday lives, to pay tribute to. When writing "ode school", the poet's purpose is to write to an ordinary person, place or thing with exaggerated adoration or deliberate disgust . Students will learn to incorporate poetic devices such as simile, metaphor, personification, repetition and hyperbole, just to name a few, when crafting original odes in their poetry diaries. Writers in this camp will publish an extraordinary anthology of their love for ordinary things.

Ages 11-14: Spinning Shakespearean Sonnets

This camp for older writers, aged 11-14, is designed to decode Shakespeare’s language, structure, and rhythm in a way that is fun and relatable. By using the anchor text from No Fear Shakespeare, campers will see example sonnets, and then they will craft their own sonnets based on their favorite songs, objects, and people in their everyday lives. Sonnets were meant not only to be read but also to be heard by an audience. At the Third Coast Camp for Young Writers at Western Michigan University, “all the world's a stage” for your creative voice!

Our leaders this year include Stephanie Hampton, director ages 11-14; Dionna Roberts, co-director ages 8-10; and Rebecca Moore, teacher at large.

For more information contact the WMU Department of English at 269-387-2572.