Economics minor

The economics minor in the Department of Economics at Western Michigan University consists of a minimum of 15 credit hours of economics courses:

  • Six credit hours of Principles of Economics (ECON 2010 and 2020).
  • Nine credit hours of upper-level electives, which can be chosen from a large number of interesting offerings.

If you are in the Haworth College of Business, you are already required to take ECON 2010 and 2020, plus one additional upper-level economics course. Thus, you need to take only two more upper-level economics courses to satisfy the minor requirement.


Courses that address this wide array of interests include:

  • ECON 3040: The Organization of Industries
  • ECON 3090: Women and the Economy
  • ECON 3100: Labor Economics
  • ECON 3150: Sports Economics
  • ECON 3180: The Economics of Medical Care
  • ECON 3190: Environmental Economics
  • ECON 3240: Public Finance
  • ECON 3450: Business, Government and Society
  • ECON 3800: International Economics
  • ECON 3840:Economic Development
  • ECON 3870: Studies in Asian Economies
  • ECON 3880: African Economies
  • ECON 3890: Latin American Economies
  • ECON 4840: Comparative Economic Systems

Minor form

Meet with your advisor to complete a minor form. The economics undergraduate advisor can help you tailor your minor to suit your particular interests and career plans. For example, management majors frequently take ECON 4000: Managerial Economics , and a large number of finance majors take ECON 3200: Money and Banking . Other courses fit well with interests in law, environmental management, international trade, human resources and government service.


Contact Dr. William Kern, undergraduate advisor, for more information.