Students talking to each other on career day.

Many Business Broncos launch their careers during our annual Business Career Day.

Our mission

Western Michigan University's Zhang Career Center empowers learners to launch successful business careers by engaging them in innovative programming focused on professional readiness, and develops partnerships with global, regional and local leaders who hire students.

our vision

The Zhang Career Center facilitates career exploration and professional development to bring students and employers together.  A consistent customer service focus helps us remain on the leading edge of developmental and programmatic business career services utilizing cutting edge technology devoted to empowering our students for career success. As a pioneer in career based experiential learning, we support programs that utilize employer relationships locally, nationally and globally to develop career readiness in learners seeking jobs in business.

Our core values

Adaptability—We recognize the importance of flexibility and staying agile in order to respond to unexpected circumstances and to alter situations to best serve our students and employers.

Collaboration—Our team works closely with students, faculty, administrators, employers, and other stakeholders to ensure effective and innovative programming that benefits both students and employers.

HospitalityWe welcome all visitors equally and pride ourselves on excellent reception and top-notch customer service.

Integrity—We pride ourselves in matching our actions to our works and inspiring trust between this office and all internal and external stakeholders through transparency and honesty.

Professional Growth—We possess an appreciation for life-long learning and an understanding of the importance of further education and development opportunities to best serve students and employers

Student Development—Our team develops innovative events and programs that enrich and enhance the professional development of business students to become future leaders.

ExcellenceEach team member matches their behavior to our values, learns from their mistakes, remembers to think before they speak honestly and kindly, makes the most of every opportunity, takes positive action toward achieving our team goals, takes responsibility for their own actions, is willing to change, and attempts to be always mindful of what is meaningful and important in life.


Remain on the cutting edge of relevant employment trends, labor laws, and best practices of college recruiting and career development.

Build unique, long-term employer relationships that result in meaningful educational and employment partnerships.

Serve as ambassadors for employers to understand and promote their distinct corporate culture and employment needs to students.

Proactively assess the needs of students and employers to continuously improve advising and programming initiatives associated with the Student Professional Readiness Series.

Collaborate with faculty, employers, alumni and student organizations to engage students in the professional development process.

Be nationally recognized as a leader in experiential programming through the Business Externship Program.