Welcome to the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology, celebrating 80 years of education and service as one of the nation's earliest clinics for the study and treatment of speech disorders and the preparation of speech therapists.

In 2011, Western Michigan University's Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology celebrated the 75th anniversary of the founding of our department by Dr. Charles Van Riper, a pioneer in the field. A stutterer himself, Van Riper was known worldwide for his innovative treatment of stuttering.

As part of the anniversary celebration, a commemorative issue of the WMU Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing was published. This issue documents the department's rich past, its present and future, as well as featuring original articles from earlier journal issues. The WMU Journal of Speech Therapy was first penned in 1964 by Dr. Van Riper as a resource for practicing clinicians.

We look forward to continuing connections with alumni this year and in the years to come, as we keep the legacy alive for the next 25. We welcome visits and contact via the alumni page, and we are grateful for the generous support alumni and friends provide.

Whether you are a graduate, friend or a prospective or current student, we appreciate your visiting us on the Web. I trust you will find these pages informative about our excellent academic offerings, our innovative service, clinical and research initiatives, and the important contributions of the speech pathology and audiology family—faculty, staff, students and alumni.



Linda Shuster, Ph.D.
Interim Chair