Photo of Amy J. Seth
(269) 387-3759
Photo of Mike Berdowski
Assistant Director of Intramural Sports
(269) 387-3765
Photo of Darin Leigh
Associate Director of Programs and Facilities
(269) 387-3772
Photo of Justine Morneau
Graduate Assistant of Facilities
(269) 387-3757
Photo of Beth Northuis
Assistant Director of Fitness & Wellness Programs
(269) 387-3762
Photo of Andre Rattray
Graduate Assistant of Club Sports
(269) 387-2044
Photo of Kristina Reed
Graduate Assistant of Intramural Sports
(269) 387-3683
Photo of Greg Reilly
Graduate Assistant for Intramural Sports
(269) 387-3683
Photo of Bryce Starr
Graduate Assistant of Fitness & Wellness
(269) 387-3543
Photo of Cindy VanderWoude
Coordinator of Membership Services
(269) 387-3115
Photo of Chris Voss
Associate Director of Business Operations
(269) 387-3805
Photo of Tayler Zajac
Graduate Assistant of Student Development
(269) 387-2044