Multimedia Room

Located adjacent to the lobby of Western Michigan University's Dalton Center, the Multimedia Room is a unique, circular exhibition and performance space 80 feet in diameter. Movable, modular seating units allow a variety of audience and stage arrangements with a capacity of up to 228 patrons. The space is surrounded by a continuous 250-foot projection cyclorama. Its ceiling features a walkable, wire-mesh gridiron supporting a memory-controlled theatrical lighting system, eight-channel audio system, CCTV, and other technical equipment. Portable, fabric-covered display panels and modular "D'Anser" flooring units are also available.

Control room

Control room

The Multimedia Room was designed to accommodate traditional and avant-garde performances and presentations by the College of Fine Arts' dance and theatre departments, art and music schools, and invited guests. Since its opening in 1982, events in the Multimedia Room have included art exhibitions, dance and music concerts, theatre, musical theatre, and opera productions, and environmental and performance art events. Notable among the many guest artists to have worked in the Multimedia Room are performance artist Lucio Pozzi, laser artist Paul Earls, and choreographer Alwin Nikolais, who created a new piece titled "Inner Sanctum" to inaugurate this extraordinary space.

Policies and procedures

Multimedia Room Policies

Please Note:

Deliveries: All deliveries are to go to the producer of the event. No deliveries will be accepted at the dean's office or the Multimedia Room.

Guidelines: Guidelines for use of the Multimedia Room can be accessed by downloading the Policies and Procedures document above.

No-show policy: Each producer must contact the technical director of the Multimedia Room, Kevin Abbott, at (269) 387-5010, at least one month prior to the first scheduled usage date. Failure to do so will automatically forfeit use of the space.

Operation of equipment: Due to the extreme complexity of the equipment in the Multimedia Room, only authorized College of Fine Arts personnel will be allowed to operate this equipment.

Other rooms: The ticket office, kitchen, green room and dressing rooms are reserved through the School of Music Concerts Office at (269) 387-4681.

Publicity: The dean's office will post event information on the "Today in the Multimedia Room" signboard. The information on this sheet will be obtained from what is written on the arts and entertainment section on the WMU News website or what is provided by the people presenting the event. Please note: The accuracy of information depends on what is published.

Security: The dean's office will not unlock the Multimedia Room.