First Year Writing

The First-Year Writing program at Western Michigan University advocates culturally relevant teaching. Writing assigned in the program must demonstrate a critical awareness and connection to the direct lived experiences of our students. Instructors who teach ENG 1050 are encouraged to meet students where they are by having students to draw from personal experiences.

Our program includes a course in first-year writing (ENGL 1050) and a course in developmental writing (ENGL 1000)—both designed to provide students with important writing skills and competencies for college-level writing. Explore our site to learn more about the courses, faculty and staff, and student success services.


Placement into ENGL 1000 and ENGL 1050 is based on a combination of ACT-Reading or SAT-Verbal scores and high school GPA.

The ENGL 1050 intensive program

The ENGL 1050 intensive program provides one-on-one instruction to students who desire to learn and be successful but are experiencing addressable academic challenges in their regular first-year-writing classrooms. For more information and an application form, please contact the instructors at

WMU Writing Center

The Writing Center helps writers at all levels and of all abilities determine strategies for effective communication and to make academically responsible choices at any stage in the writing process and in any genre of writing. Our hope is to empower each writer with the skills to better understand his or her own work and to more deeply engage with other writers' works as well.

Best Essay Written by a 1050 Student Scholarship

A 1050 instructor may nominate a student’s essay or digital project for the best scholarship written by a 1050 student award. Instructors will complete a nomination form and prepare a letter of endorsement along with the student’s project. The student will receive a $250 scholarship for winning this award and will be recognized at the department award ceremony. All submissions will be judged by a panel of English department faculty.

Instructor professional development

Professional development opportunities available for instructors and graduate assistants.