Greenleaf offers opportunities

At the annual Greenleaf Trust Scholarship Program from left are William Johnston, president and chair of Greenleaf Trust, with students Anthony Turner, Talissa Tillman, Brandon Anderson, Chera Burwell, Harold Mmari, Saidal Mohmand and Alex Scott. Not pictured is Jeffrey Marko.

For more than a decade Greenleaf Trust has worked to boost diversity in financial services professions while making a difference in the lives of under-represented students who major in finance and personal financial planning at WMU’s Haworth College of Business.

Greenleaf Trust provides privately funded scholarships to encourage under-represented and minority groups to attend college and study finance and personal financial planning.

“It’s a goal of mine that our workforce should look like the community,” says William Johnston, BA ’70, MA ’74, president and chair of Greenleaf Trust. “I think there are a lot of advantages that you get with diversity, not only in educational background, but across all boundaries. It gives us an opportunity to have different perspectives on lots of issues."

Greenleaf Trust seeks out under-represented students who pay attention to detail, are disciplined and take initiative. “The College is delighted to help recruit, retain and reward these outstanding and talented students, as they work towards their degrees,” says Dr. Kay Palan, Dean, Haworth College of Business.

The Greenleaf Trust Scholarship Program provides financial opportunities for students to attend up to four years of college. Greenleaf Trust scholars are also eligible to apply for an internship with Greenleaf Trust.

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