Procedures for Addressing the Board

  1. The Secretary of the Board of Trustees shall have the proposed agenda for the Board’s formal session available to the public before each scheduled formal session. Agenda items may be removed or added prior to or at the Board’s formal session.
  2. Persons wishing to address the Board of Trustees must register to do so before the beginning of the formal session.  The Secretary of the Board of Trustees, or her/his designee, will have public comment request forms available outside the Board formal session room before the formal session starts.  Public comment request forms are also available in the Board office, 3050 Seibert Administration Building, prior to the day of the formal session.  Since time allotted for public comment may not allow for all persons who wish to speak, requests will be accommodated on a first-registered, first-served basis.  Therefore, it is encouraged that public comment requests be submitted prior to the day of the formal session.

    Requested information includes:
    a. Name
    b. Business or residential address
    c. Relationship to the University if one exists (e.g., student, faculty, staff)
    d. Indication of the agenda action item or other topic on which the person wishes to address the Board
  3. In order to allow more people to address the Board, a person may speak on only one topic or agenda item during the formal session, and individual presentations are limited to three (3) minutes.

    Up to fifteen (15) minutes is provided for public comment regarding any one action agenda item.  Accordingly, a maximum of five (5) individuals will be allowed up to three (3) minutes each for this purpose.  These public comments will be heard within the time allotted before a vote is taken on the discussion action agenda item.  This rule does not apply to procedural action agenda items.

    Up to thirty (30) minutes total is provided for all remaining public comments regarding non-action agenda items or other topics during the general public comment section of the formal session.

    Any individual who has submitted a public comment request in writing prior to the formal session but who was not able to address the Board before the time allotted for public comment is completed may submit his/her comments in writing to the Board Secretary, who will transmit those comments to the Board members.

    Individuals may not give their comment time, or any portion thereof, to someone else. 

    Power Point or other audio/visual equipment is not permitted during public comment.

    This is a specific time for the Board to listen to comments.   Addressing the Board on matters which involve litigation, employment grievances, agency complaints, and/or arbitration is discouraged.
  4. Written materials from the public may be provided to the Board if received by the Board Secretary prior to the beginning of the formal session. If the individual providing the documents is also scheduled to make oral comments, the Board Secretary will pass out copies of the documents to the Board members at the time of the comments, provided the commenter has provided 15 collated copies.
  5. Nothing herein shall preclude or limit members of the Board of Trustees from requesting comments from any person attending the formal session or from requesting the attendance of any individual at the formal session to make appropriate comments or provide information to the Board.
  6. The time limit and other restrictions specified herein shall not apply to the President of the Faculty Senate. 
  7. The Chair of the Board may authorize modifications to these procedures.