Strategic Planning

Strategic initiatives 2014-15

Compass on mapGoals in the Division of Student Affairs stem from the overall mission of Western Michigan University. They are carried out in the context of our vision, mission and core values, and provide long-term direction for the division. Annually, the student affairs leadership team, under the direction of a steering committee chaired by the vice president of student affairs, reviews and determines strategic objectives and strategies that reflect a broad array of student learning and development outcomes, as well as a spectrum of operational excellence initiatives in keeping with the standards of excellence in our field. Funding requests are considered and approved by the steering committee on a rolling basis.

2014-15 Student Affairs Goals, Objective and Strategies

Strategic Planning and Assessment Structure

Assessment Conceptual Framework

Mission and Learning Outcomes Framework


Each strategic objective is carried out by an inter-departmental strategy team chaired by a student affairs leader. Most strategy teams also include membership from outside student affairs. Each fall, strategy teams clarify their strategic objective, identify performance measures, and create an action plan that includes timeline and budget. These documents are managed internally in the division’s CampusLabs Compliance Assist software. An updated report regarding progress will be posted to the Web in December and May each year.

Welcome Back Breakfast powerpointAchievements and outcomes

2014 Achieving Goals Through Evidence Based Decision-Making

2013 Student Affairs Points of Pride


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