The WMU Signature program is a holistic co-curricular transcript. It provides a framework for students to collect their unique WMU experiences in a meaningful way. The program will provide and guide students towards resources to assist in blending academics with outside interests, passions and talents. Additionally, the program will provide support to students through the process of understanding and communicating what they are learning.

By participating in the WMU Signature Program, students will be able to:

  • Choose experiences based on their personal interests, passions and talents.
  • Connect the dots between all of their experiences, in and out of the classroom.
  • Gain transferable skills and learn how to talk about and demonstrate them.
  • Better market themselves to future employers or institutions.
  • Receive university recognition for the experiences you're already doing.

The program's pilot started fall 2016, but there is still time to sign up! The program is available to all undergraduate and graduate students. To get started, students can log into ExperienceWMU, and complete the program application, located under Forms on the WMU Signature Program page.

The Signature is WMU's Higher Learning Commission-approved quality initiative. Click the button below for more information regarding the quality initiative requirement.

HLC Quality Initiative Information