The science education doctorate was one of the first four Ph.D. degrees offered at Western Michigan University. From 1964 until the time the Department of Biological Sciences gained its own doctoral program, students interested in biological and environmental science research completed their programs under the science education doctorate. Since 2002 we have been known as the Mallinson Institute for Science Education. Doctoral graduates are listed below by name, graduation year, advisor, dissertation title, and employer (if available).

Ph.D. Graduates—1969 to Present

Joseph Lane  2016
Advisor: Joseph Stoltman
Guided Educational Tourism as Informal Science Education: An Empirical Study

Gunkut Mesci  2016
Advisor: Brandy Skjold
Preservice Science Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Nature of Science and Nature of Scientific Inquiry: A successful case study

Janice Fulford  2016
Advisor: David Rudge
Assessing the Impact of Historical Story Telling on Student Learning of Natural Selection
Kalamazoo Valley Community College—KVCC
Sarah Krajewski  2015
Advisor: Brandy Skjold
Retention of Community College Students in Online Courses
Grand Rapids Community College
Phyllis Pennock  2015
Advisor: William Cobern
African-American girls and scientific argumentation: lived experiences, and intersecting identities and their roles in constructing and evaluating claims
Michigan State University     
Rex Taibu  2015
Advisor: David Schuster
A Study of Conceptual and Language Issues Surrounding Weight, Weightlessness, and Free Fall: Textbook Analysis, Instructional Design, and Assessment
Queensborough Community College—CUNY
Chaiphat Plybour  2015
Advisor: David Schuster
Integrating Formative Assessment Into Physics Instruction, and the Effect of Formative vs. Summative Assessment on Student Physics Learning and Attitudes
Mahasarakham University
Robert Kagumba  2015
Advisor: William Cobern
Uganda Science Teacher Educators: A Concurrent Mixed Methods Investigation of Nature of Science, Pedagogy and Classroom Learning Environment Perspectives
Delta State University
Tammy Coleman  2014
Advisor: Joseph Stoltman
Place-Based Education: An Impetus for Teacher Efficacy
Northwestern Michigan College
Kathy Quardokus Fisher  2014
Advisor: Charles Henderson
Instructional change in academic departments: An analysis from the perspective of two environment-focused change strategies
Oregon State University
Ramón Barthelemy  2014
Advisor: Charles Henderson
The Experiences of Women in Post Graduate Physics and Astronomy Programs: The Roles of Support, Career Choices, and Gendered Experiences
AAAS, Washington, District of Columbia
Andrea Bierema  2014
Advisor: Renee' Schwartz
Conceptual Framework Alignment between Primary Literature and Education in Animal Behaviour
Michigan State University
Lloyd Mataka  2014
Advisor: Megan Grunert
Problem Based Learning in College Chemistry Laboratory: Student Views of PBL and its Relationship with Attitudes and Self-Efficacy Beliefs
Berea College
Jacinta Mutambuki  2014
Advisor: Herb Fynewever
Integrating Nanotechnology into the Undergraduate Chemistry Curriculum: The Impact on Students' Affective Domain
Washington University in Saint Louis
Amy Bentz  2014
Advisor: William Cobern
Using Case Method to Explicitly Teach Formative Assessment in Preservice Science Teacher Education
Western Michigan University     
Kelly Sparks  2013
Advisor: Joseph Stoltman
Student conceptions of learning and the approaches to learning adopted in an introductory science course: A Q Methodology Study
University of Southern Indiana
Caitlin Callahan  2013
Advisor: Heather Petcovic
An Embodied Perspective on Expertise in Solving the Problem of Making a Geologic Map
Grand Valley State University
Brandy Skjold  2012
Advisor: Renee' Schwartz
Describing the Apprenticeship of Chemists Through the Language of Faculty Scientists
Western Michigan University
Donya Dobbin  2011
Advisor: Charles Henderson
Experiences That Influence a Student's Choice on Majoring in Physics
Lakeview School District
Kara Kits  2011
Advisor: William Cobern
An Exploration of Worldview and Conceptions of Nature of Science Among Science Teachers at a Private Christian High School
Grand Rapids Christian Schools
Kevin D. Weakley  2010
Advisor: Joseph Stoltman
The Effects of an Inquiry-based Earth Science Course on the Spatial Thinking of Pre-service Elementary Teacher Education Students
NorthWest Arkansas Community College
George Viche Akom  2010
Advisor: Herb Fynewever
Using Formative Assessment Despite the Constraints of High Stakes Testing and Limited Resources: A Case Study of Chemistry Teachers in Anglophone Cameroon
Faculty of Science, University of Hong Kong
Fang Huang  2010
Advisor: Marcia Fetters
Curriculum Coherence: A Comparative Analysis of Elementary Science Content Standards in People's Republic of China and the USA
Huazhong University of Science & Technology
Betty Udongo  2009
Advisor: William W. Cobern
Science Education Policy for Emergency, Conflict, and Post-Conflict: an Analysis Of Trends and Implications for The Science Education Program in Uganda
Ozcan Gulacar  2007
Advisor: Herb Fynewever
An Investigation of Successful and Unsuccessful Students' Problem Solving in Stoichiometrey
UC Davis
Thomas F. Rienzo  2007
Advisor: William W. Cobern
Conceptual Change Resulting From Experiential Learning With Business Enterprise Software
Western Michigan University
Robert Ruhf  2006
Advisor: Joseph Stoltman
Analyzing the Effects of Inquiry-Based Instruction on the Learning of Atmospheric Science Among Pre-Service Teacher Education Students
Western Michigan University
Pat Meyer  2005
Advisor: William W. Cobern
A Study of How Precursor Key Concepts for Organic Chemistry Success are Understood by General Chemistry Students
Grand Valley State University
Mary Brown  2005
Advisor: Reneé Schwartz
Understanding Photosynthesis And Plant Cellular Respiration As "Nested Systems": The Characterization Of Pre-Service Teachers' Conceptions
Lansing Community College
Robert Keys  2004
Advisor: William W. Cobern
The Interactions Between An Orthodox Christian Worldview And Environmental Attitudes And Beliefs; For The Purpose Of Developing Better Instructional Practice In Support Of Environmental/Ecological Attitudes And Knowledge
Cornerstone University
Eric Howe  2004
Advisor: David Rudge
Using the History of Research on Sickle-Cell Anemia to Affect Preservice Teachers' Conceptions of the Nature of Science
Assumption College
Chokchai Usawinchai  2003
Advisor: Aletta Zietsman
Understanding Concepts of Force of Thai Freshmen
Melissa Howse  2003
Advisor: Leonard Ginsberg
Student Ecosystems Problem Solving with Computer Simulation
Lake Michigan College
Keith Schramm  2002
Advisor: William W. Cobern
A Study of Expert Problem-Solving in Qualitative Organic Analysis
Harding University
Linda Goossen  2002
Advisor: Robert Poel
Classroom Questioning Strategies as Indicators of Inquiry Based Science
Grand Valley State University
Terrance Brisbin  2000
Advisor: Robert Hafner
An Account of Novice Phylogenetic Tree Construction from the Problem-Solving Research Tradition
Andrew Isola  1999
Advisor: Robert Hafner
Students' Mental Models of Electricity in Simple DC Circuits
Allegan Public Schools
Jennifer Discenna  1998
Advisor: Larry Oppliger
A Study of the Knowledge Structure of Expert, Intermediate and Novice Subjects in the Domain of Physics
Janet Vail  1998
Advisor: Joseph Engemann
An Analysis of Fecal Coliform Bacteria as a Water Quality Indicator
Kevin Block  1997
Advisor: Robert Poel
The Clastogenic Effects of Cyclophosphamide and a Sixty Hertz Electromagnetic Field on Bone Marrow Cells of CD-1 Mice
Steven Brewer  1996
Advisor: Robert Hafner
An Account of Expert Phylogenetic Tree Construction from the Problem-Solving Research Tradition in Science Education
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Charles Lohrke  1995
Advisor: Robert Poel
The Use of Analogies in an Industrial Environment to Facilitate Status Changes for Radiation Science Concepts
Robert Sutton  1995
Advisor: James Howell
The Separation of Aqueous Iron Species Found in Stepwise Complexation by Capillary Electrophoresis with Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Detection
Kalamazoo Valley Community College
Jiang Yu  1995
Advisor: Robert Poel
College Physics Students' Conceptual Understanding of Area and Volume, and Relationships between these Concepts and Student's Understanding of Physics Concepts
Fitchburg State University
Michael Kasenow  1994
Advisor: Robert Poel        
Hydrogeology and Hydrogeochemistry of Government Marsh, North St. Joseph County, Michigan
Rozanna Abdul Razak  1991
Advisor: Robert Poel
A Comparison of Science and Mathematics Achievements, Attitudes, Curricular Experiences, and Career Interests Resulting from Magnet and Traditional High School Programs.
H. David Cole  1990
Advisor: William Harrison
Highway Deicing Salts and the Mobilization of Selected heavy Metals from Stream Sediments
Rosario Canizles de Andrade  1989
Advisor: George Mallinson
Comparisons of Learnings from Structured and Nonstructured Visits to a Science Exhibit
Abbas Parsian  1986
Advisor: D. A. Buthala
Comparison of Electron and Light Microscopy of Chromosome Aberrations Induced in Human Lymphocytes by Adriamycin and Mitomycin C
Virginia Passero  1986
Advisor: George Mallinson
Parental Perceptions of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Discharge Teaching
Fardin Olyaei  1986
Advisor: Clarence Goodnight
The Effects of Acid Precipitation on Two Lakes in Southwestern Michigan
Abubaker Swehli  1983
Advisor: Joseph Engemann
A Study of the Environmental Aspects of Schistosomiasis in Libya
Elizabeth Garrett  1982
Advisor: Lloyd Schmaltz
A Petrographic Analysis of Ceramics from Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests, Arizona: Onsite or Specialized Manufacture?
William Williams  1982
Advisor: Thomas Straw
Groundwater Flow Along the Total Shoreline of Austin Lake and Its Environmental Contribution to Pollution of the Lake
Kamlesh Sharma  1981
Advisor: Gyula Ficsor
Standardization of the sister Chromatid Exchange Technique in Human Lymphocytes for Mutagen and Carcinogen Testing
George Duba  1981
Advisor: Clarence Goodnight
Storm-Sewer Input of Heavy Metals into an Urban Lake Environment
Steven Habron  1981
Advisor: Richard Brewer
The Relationship Between Adjacent Residential Development and Breeding Bird Populations
Gary Wester  1981
Advisor: George Mallinson
Goals and Objectives for Teaching Science in the Junior High Schools of Kalamazoo, Michigan
Julie Medlin  1980
Advisor: Clarence Goodnight
An Analysis of Gadmium and Lead Uptake in Hydrophonically Grown Seedlings
David DeGraaf  1980
Advisor: George Mallinson
A Strategy for Inservice Education of Junior-High/Middle-School Science Teachers in the Grand Rapids Public School System
Victor John Gonzalez  1980
Advisor: Clarence Goodnight
A Limnological Investigation of a Tropical Fresh-Water Ecosystem: The Belize River, Belize, Central America
Edward Block  1979
Advisor: Clarence Goodnight
Spermatogenesis in Limnodrilus Hoffmeisteri (Clap): A Morphological and Environmental Study of the Development of Two Sperm Types
W. Randolph Frykberg  1976
Advisor: Clarence Goodnight
Biota and Environment of the Muskegon, Michigan, Combined Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Storage Lagoons
Roland Meade  1976
Advisor: George Mallinson
A Study of the Use of the Computer as Problem-Solving Tool in an Introductory Course in College Physics
J. Philip McLaren  1976
Advisor: George Mallinson
A Study of Student Evaluations of Science Instructors in Small Liberal Arts Colleges
Stephen Yekeson  1975
Advisor: Paul Holkeboer
A Study of the Selected Variables for Prediction of Success and Placement in General Chemistry at Western Michigan University
Hsi-Chiu Liu  1975
Advisor: George Mallinson
Computer-Assisted Instruction in Teaching College Physics
Garret VanderLugt  1974
Advisor: George Mallinson
The Learn System for Computer-Assisted Instruction
George Faber  1974
Advisor: Paul Holkeboer
The Preparation of Junior-High Science Teachers in the Public Schools of Southwestern Michigan
Theodore Shields  1973
Advisor: Imy Holt
An Evaluation of Achievement by the Use of Behavioral Objectives in an Audio-Tutorial Biological Science Class
James Price  1973
Advisor: George Mallinson
The Effects of a Study Determined Curriculum Versus a Traditionally Determined Curriculum on the Health Interests and Cognitive Development in Health of College Students
Dorothy Hackett  1973
Advisor: George Mallinson
The Integrated Basic Science Course at Kalamazoo Valley Community College
Samuel Yoveff  1972
Advisor: Paul Holkeboer
Student Achievement in and Attitudes Toward Earth-Science Courses in Secondary Schools
John Knapp II  1972
Advisor: George Mallinson
The Effect of Annotating Articles on Biochemistry from Scientific American on Student Understanding
Judson Vander Wal  1972
Advisor: Imy Holt
The Relationship Between Two Methods of Teaching College Biology in Achievement and Attitude
Charles Townsend  1972
Advisor: George Mallinson
Student Ratings of Secondary-School Science Teachers
Ben Afton Smith  1972
Advisor: George Mallinson
Modern Elementary Science Curricula and Student Achievement
Robert Poel  1970
Advisor: George Mallinson
Critical Thinking as Related to PSSC and Non-PSSC Physics Programs
Thomas Van Koevering  1969
Advisor: Paul Holkeboer
The Distinguishing Characteristics of High Schools with High and Low Enrollments in Physics