Comparative Religion


Stop by for free coaching on writing!

The Department of Comparative Religion at WMU invites its students to visit our writing coach, Aaron Sternaman, on the 2nd floor of Moore Hall, room 2023 this fall. Coach Sternaman's guidance is free to all REL majors and minors and is open to any student enrolled in one or more of our courses for help in their REL course. He may also be reached by email ( and will be available throughout the school year. This service represents a determined effort by faculty and staff to improve the written communication of our students. Coach Sternaman holds a B.A. from WMU with an emphasis on creative writing and a minor in comparative religion. He will work with students to advance their written authority and style, while teaching them to cite sources and punctuate correctly.

Faculty News

Here's a nice news article on the work of one of our own, Dr. Brian C Wilson. Be sure to give it a read! You will learn more about religion and Michigan!

Read Dr. Wilson's great new book, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and the Religion of Biologic Living, which comes out this week!  Also, check out his podcast with Indiana University Press.  


Alumni publishes article

Alumnus Dustin Byrd, assistant professor of humanities at Olivet College, has recently published the following article, "Habermas, Post-Metaphysical Thinking, and the Problem of Muslim Minorities in Europe." See our alumni publications page for his and other alumni book-length publications.