The Department of Psychology at Western Michigan offers the following resources:



Universities and colleges

Other resources

  • Behavior Online—Interesting discussion groups
  • Behavior Analysis Training System—This site details Dr. Richard Malott's M.A. and Ph.D. programs in behavior analysis and applied behavior analysis. The site covers the information about the graduate program as well as some undergraduate classes.
  • Behaviorism Tutorial—A modest web-based, interactive instructional unit on the nature of behavior analysis/radical behaviorism, and the differences between behavior analysis/radical behaviorism and traditional methodological behaviorism.
  • GRE Prep-Course Reviews—The team, which is comprised of researchers and industry experts, dedicated hundreds of hours examining and evaluating different test prep programs, both traditional and online. Based on a number of data points, they were able to narrow that list down to four standout programs
  • Kalamazoo Autism Center—Graduate and undergraduate behavior analysis students in the Department of Psychology at WMU work one-on-one with our children at this well-established childcare provider in Kalamazoo, MI, providing intensive behavioral interventions.  
  • Lucidchart is an online diagram application which makes it easy to create and share professional flowchart diagrams for your brainstorming and project management needs. 
  • The team at Online Ph.D. Programs and I have worked to research, catalogue, and publish a database of every online psychology PHD program offered by an accredited college in the United States. Our database provides students with important, up-to-date information, as well as a list of all the available scholarships that can help provide the needed financing.
  • To request funding for poster printing, please fill out then print the Poster Funding Request Form and return it to the Department of Psychology main office, 3700 Wood Hall.
  • Spectrum Center
  • Information on psychology licensing rules for all states in the country, as well as info on major psychology associations.