Check to Support At-Risk High School Students Interested in Pursuing a College Education

Kalamazoo, MI, July 31, 2018 — AT&T* on Wednesday presented a contribution for $10,000 to Western Michigan University in support of the school’s Upward Bound program – an extensive, multi-year program providing academic and mentoring support to area low-income and potential first-generation college students. Upward Bound’s goal is to provide the support students need to complete high school and go on to graduate from college.

The contribution from AT&T will fund Upward Bound’s tutoring efforts and help pay the transportation costs for Upward Bound students making visits to prospective colleges.

“I’d like to thank AT&T for generously supporting the efforts of Upward Bound,” said Dr. Erika Carr, Director of Precollege Programming at Western Michigan University. “As a first generation college student myself, I know how important programs like Upward Bound are in allowing students to see all postsecondary options available to them. With this contribution from AT&T Upward Bound can continue to open up even more access to higher education by providing additional tutoring support to program participants.”

For more information, check out the press release.

ATYP classes begin September 11

ATYP classes begin September 10 on both main campus and at the Battle Creek campus. Classes in high school math, English, and computer science are held one (or two) days per week in the afternoon for gifted middle school students. Main campus students attend classes at Sangren Hall while the Kendall Center houses the students in Battle Creek. 

Podcast from our director

Our director, Erika Carr, recorded a podcast about her story and how it is connected to her work and the creation of the Office of Precollege Programming.