The Department of Physics at Western Michigan University offers workshops, seminars and colloquia throughout the year.


The department sponsors frequent colloquia on physics research and topics of more general interest. They are attended by our graduate and undergraduate students, University faculty, emeriti and members of the community.

Colloquia are open to all and there is no charge to attend. For more information, please call the Department of Physics, (269) 387-4940. Metered visitor parking is available in the Miller Auditorium ramp.


Colloquia will resume in spring 2018.


November 27, 2017 | Why is the Night Sky Dark? (Or is it?)

Dr. Kirk Korista, Western Michigan University

October 30, 2017 | Molecular Spectroscopy in Service of Astronomy

Dr. James Hodges, Old Dominion University

October 23, 2017 | How might Physics Education Research facilitate the coming computational revolution?

Danny Caballero, Ph.D, Assistant Professor

October 9, 2017 | Structural Modulation of Nanoscale Architectures Using Focused Ion Beam Technology

Elias Garratt, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Department

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